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An_249262 posted:
Hey ladies,

So im having a difficult time. At the end of june i decided to go on birth control. i decided to go on depo because im really bad at remembering to take pills and what not everyday. when it came time to get me secound shot me and my husband decided that we really wanted a baby. by this time i found out shut how stupid my decision on taking depo was, i didnt know it would have that sort of effect on me being able to conceive. so i researched and researched and decided to go on vitex. in september i started taking vitex. i started out with two a day and later on decided i would take three. my bottle was empty by mid-october. by this time i had become stressed for i had not concieved yet. so we decided to just keep trying without vitex and see if we got lucky.
while on vitex my spotting from depo had stopped so i figured it was working.
sometime in november i wish i could remember i experienced discharge of clear cerviacal mucus much like i got when i thougt i was ovulating. on november 30 i started getting brown discharge. december 1st it turned into red which i thought was my periods but a much much lighter flow than i remember. on december 2nd i had flow for maybe a few minutes and this goes for the 3rd as well and since then nothing.

finally my question after this fricken chapter i just wrote which my the way i am sorry for. could this have been implantation bleeding?
Spartan_Mommy responded:
Really, the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. When were you expecting your period? Was it an actual flow, or was it just spotting when you wiped?

On a side note, I have been on just about every type of birth control under the sun for my endometriosis. I was on Depo, but only for 3 months because I still got ovarian cysts, and a type of shot that put into pseudo-menopause for 6 months. By the grace of God I have 2 beautiful children and an 10w3d with number three. Try not to worry too much about taking the depo and how that will affect your fertility.

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