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Update at 10w5d with baby #3
MrsBurt05 posted:
I had my 1st prenatal appt on Dec 3rd. Since my cycles were irregular they did an ultrasound that day and baby was measuring bigger than what my LMP was. My due date changed from July 4th to July 2nd. They said baby was measuring 10w1d which would have put me at June 30th for a due date, but they are going in the middle of those dates for now. Never thought they'd change it since it was only a few days, but...ok.

I had horrible morning sickness and fatigue for about 3 weeks, it's let up a lot, but some days I feel horrible. I lost 8 pounds, but they don't seem too worried about it since baby looks perfect and it's not a dramatic drop and I'm a bigger girl.

I have an NT scan on Dec 21st, and I heard a lot of people say they found gender out at their NT scan, so I did research on it and it's not impossible. I know it's not as accurate as the scan done between 18-20 weeks, but that would be neat to find out that early, just for fun. I wouldn't go out and buy blue or pink stuff, but it'd be neat to see how accurate it is come my 20-week scan.

Has anybody gotten the gender told at an NT scan??

I'm also starting to get a little baby pooch already. I didn't start getting one until about 20 weeks with my first and 13-14 weeks with my 2nd, but they say with each pregnancy you show sooner and I'm on #3 and almost 11 weeks.

Lastly, since I'm not feeling sick all the time, I'm starving all the time, but still nothing seems appetizing. And when I do it, it never "hits the spot" and I'm left frustrated due to food.

Hope everyone is doing and growing well!
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BeautifullyBlessed responded:
What's an NT scan?

I had my gender reveal at about 17/18 weeks and it was very clear.

I understand what you mean about starving all the time. I HATED that!!!! To this day, eating has been my biggest and most difficult challenge. I'm tired of eating! I've gained over 35lbs so far

One thing that helped at your stage of pregnancy was drinking enough water. I wasn't drinking 8 cups a day back then and my body reacted as if it was hungry, but it was really craving water. The same day I drank 8 cups, I didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to eat.

Now, I find that drinking a cup of milk before bed really helps and I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to eat either.
God is good all the time and His mercy endures at peace!
MrsBurt05 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
Sorry, I'm just replying now. Life got busy with finals then the holidays! NT scan is the nuchal translucency scan. They do an ultrasound to look for a nasal bone, look at the spine, and measure a pocket of fluid at the back of the neck to check the risk for Down's Syndrome. It's elective unless there's a history. I elected to have one, just for my peace of mind. Not that I was worried for Down's, but just because I've been losing weight and not eating, I wanted to make sure baby was ok. Everything is fine and baby is actually measuring pretty big for now. They didn't change my due date again, they just think baby is bigger, not older. Lol. So he/she is doing fine. I've lost a total of 12 pounds now and I'm 13 weeks 3...almost 4 days. We found out the gender with both boys, but hubby doesn't want to find out with this one. It will KILL me! Haha! I'm an impatient person when it comes to this. But I'll let him have this one. I'm going to have the tech right down the gender and put it in a sealed envelope and keep it at home so if he changes his mind I can rip that sucker open! Lol

But I've been doing better with food lately. But I still can't stomach a lot of things, so my food choices are limited. Healthy, but limited. Doctor isn't too worried. I have to keep a food diary, though, just in case I do lose more weight and they want to make sure I'm getting enough for baby. I do drink a TON of milk though! It's sooo good!
DS-11/22/05 DS-11/19/07 BFP-10/21/12-DUE JULY 2ND 2013!! Think pink! :)


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