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Miscarriage & Flu Vaccine???
An_249840 posted:
I was 10 weeks pregnant, heartbeat was perfect, bloodwork perfect, so what changed so drastically? Ladies this is my horror story, one I have never heard of before, because people do not speak in details too often. I miscarried soon after I had my flu shot, in which my doctor insisted that I had to get. Does this sound familiar? You'd be surprised to know that according to some websites, they claim that the flu vaccine has not determined or examined if the flu shot was safe for the fetus. So why the insisting on this especially when you are pregnant. I need answers, I am in agony.
Kristikatherine responded:
I went in for a check up and ultrasound 6-7 weeks pregnant everything looked wonderful. Doctor insisted I needed a flu shot. One and a half hours later I started to bleed and miscarry. I really wish I had read more about it beforehand. I never would've had it had I known. So upset and women need to know.
Alirella replied to Kristikatherine's response:
I agree!! I am sorry for your loss a well. There are so many of us that have experineced this for no reason at all. It was avoidable!!! It was not our fault at all. After two weeks, I am realizing this. I'm not sure what your situation is or was but, we need to unite to stop this from happening to other people that are not aware. We need to post this in detail so that people know what exactly happened and how. I pray for you and your family. My husband and I are getting tatoos in memory. We also found a website that has jewelry for sale to remember our lost children. I was 10 weeks and miscarried at home after the hospital sent me home after telling me my babies heartbeat stopped on Christmas Day. I will forever remember and see the image of my dead baby every time I go to the bathroom and everyday I fall asleep. I don't know about you but, I will forever not silence, not about this or the terrible experience I lived. One day my baby is alive, beautiful, and heartbeat healthy as can be, next, she's gone.??????????????
charlierex1012 responded:
Sorry about your loss. I worked with two ladies that got pregnant about the same time. One got a flu shot, the other didn't. Unfortunately the one that did get the flu shot miscarried. She told me her doctor was insistent on getting the vaccination. The one that did not get the flu shot, her doctor insisted on NOT getting the vaccination. As a nurse, I'm not for flu vaccines. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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