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Question about spotting after positive pregnancy tests
An_250090 posted:
Hi all!
I'm hoping you can help give some insight or experience into these questions.
My husband and I went through a miscarriage on Nov. 1st, 2012. Since then I tested that all hormone levels were gone (or, >5 which is the most they can tell you at the doctor).

I had a period in November at what would have been my normal time, but had some grey tissue passing in the period which I assumed was the rest of the "cleaning out" proces from the miscarriage.
I also had my regular cycle in December as normal. (Although! I took one Clear Blue digital test in December before I started that gave a false positive result)

I am set to have my cycle tomorrow, and have been feeling very tired, slightly naseaus, etc. I have taken three different brands of pregnancy tests in the past few days and they all showed a faint positive line. (!!)

My concern is that I have had some spotting (pink/brown, and sometimes very lightly red mixed in with discharge). It's very light and nothing at all like a normal period, although I have had some cramping. (Which is of course exaggerated by me being so hyper-focused on my body right now!)

This spotting has been for the past two days. Have any of you had a similiar experience and been pregnant?? I'm hoping beyond hope that I truly am pregnant, and that the baby stays strong and healthy this time. I'm sort of afraid to hope though, with having one false positive last month.

I will make an appointment with my doctor if I haven't started by next week, but would love to hear any advice or input before then.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Spotting is common in early pregnancy as are period-like cramps. As long as the spotting doesn't turn into heavy bleeding and the cramping isn't extremely painful, it's fine.

This is assuming you are pregnant of course.
An_250090 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I got good news! Blood work confirmed that I am pregnant, and right on track at showing approx 4 weeks along.
I'm going back to tomorrow for them to make sure my HCG levels are rising like they should be, but all looks good! My spotting stopped altogether, and naseua has ramped up quite a bit. I've never been so happy to be sick to my stomach! haha
ShaylaCG responded:
At 6 - 7.5 weeks, I was was a little more than spotting, even bright red, but, it ended up being nothing at all. I had two ultrasounds this week, and all is well Good luck!
An_250090 replied to ShaylaCG's response:
Thank you! I have my first ultrasound on Valentine's Day.
I'll be right around 7 weeks, so hopefully they'll be able to see a good strong heartbeat and everything will be well. Good luck to you too!

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