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Very confused with no one to turn too
lostandscared posted:
Well here it goes, I have been having pregnancy symptoms since 1/9/2013. The strange feeling of just "feeling pregnant" nausea, exhausted after small tasks/chores, shortness of breath easily, sore swollen tingly breast with discomfort and some sharp pains and they are darker with goose bump like bumps on nipple area, cramping on and off, headaches, stuffy runny nose, heightened sense of smell, moodiness, also had a milky white discharge with no bad odor or burning, bloating, firm abdomen with movement that feels like "flutters", thinking about foods that i love makes me nausea's and only can eat small portions at a time. My husband believes that I missed my period last month and I just can't remember for sure. We have had a lot going on since Christmas that it completely slipped my mind. I started taking tests on 1/11/2013 because I wasn't sure if I was late had 3 neg and 2 errors. So I've had all of these symptoms right along and have been waiting until the end of the month to take another test to find out for sure. I was pregnant this time last year exactly but ended in miscarriage 3/1/2012. I had some symptoms then but not like I'm having now. I started bleeding this morning at first just some drops of blood brownish like then dark red to light red and heavier, went and put a tampon in and it felt really "WEIRD" so I took it out (there wasn't a lot of blood though) and put a pad back on. I'am still having "flutters" low in the center of abdomen with cramping sometimes mild cramping and other times sharp cramping. I would normally get my period about the 1st of the month or right before. I just don't know if this is implantation bleeding or just my period....or am I miscarrying AGAIN? I so want to be pregnant this time and have a healthy pregnancy and baby....

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