HELP Hospital told me misscarriage then ectopic then chemical pregnancy, then wants to shoot me with MTX
Oceansmomjl posted:
Okay I am at a loss here I am so confused scared and whatever else....
Sunday: Positive home test, spotting red.

Monday: Still spotting

Tuesday:went to emergency (still spotting) and got told it was a miscarriage (HGC 59 nothing found on transvag ultrasound) & come back in 2 days to check HGC went down.

Wednesday: (spotting still home preg test positive)

Thursday: (HGC 79 Still spotting Slight maybe cramping) Told it was an ectopic pregnancy. Refered to specialist and if he hasnt called by

monday then I was to go into emerg again and get bloodwork and ultrasound.

Friday - Sunday: Still spotting more brownish now.

Monday: (HGC 63 doctors did not seem to care to explain anything to me. Ordered emergency ultrasound for next day as the person was not in the hospital.

Tuesday: Ultrasound came back negative again (no intrauterine or extra uterine pregnancy, Small 1.5 cm cyst on left ovary (mild cramping yet doctor could press on my tummy and it didnt hurt)

Thursday: (HGC 70) more yet still mild cramping and blood turning red again yet still small amount. Told it was a chemical pregnancy and it probably didnt even implant (I dont think that was even possible with the numbers, bleeding, cramping.) Doctor had me there for 13 hours and didn't bother to explain the MTX shot. or even why I would be getting one if I had a "chemical pregnancy" Then when my finace got upset she said I had missed to appointment with a specialist who I just spoke with before going to emerg and she said he hadnt even looked at my file. Walked out and refused treatment.

I honeslty have no idea what to do or who I can trust.... is there seriously no possible way to confirm the pregnancy or that there is no pregnancy?

Could a 3d ultrasound help at all I am willing to pay!?

Why are my HGC levels going UP and DOWN? Yet still sooo small?

Could there be any small chance it could be viable still?

If I were to wait how big could my pregnancy be with no signs on ultrasound and tiny HGC levels.... would it rupture if I waited?

If I do wait how often do I need to monitor HGC's and ultrasounds? every 2 days even though they show nothing?

Who should I talk to I NEED answers! Gynecologist, obstetrician, registered nurse? Family practitioner? Where do I go for a complete and informative second opinion? I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!

Please anyone who can shine some light on any of this.... I have done lots of research and I know what ectopic is and what the HGC levels are supposed to be and all the basics.... but MINE just makes NO SENSE!?

I almost went through with the MTX shot until the doctor flat out called me a liar and I had no answers to my question still!! I don't even know if I am technically pregnant or not this is beyond me.... Please please help! Thank you
Oceansmomjl responded:
sorry LMP was Jan 2nd and I would be about 6 weeks along