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    Plz Help, cramp
    Sweetypie posted:
    I found out last Thursday (02/14) that I am pregnant, it was the day my period was supposed to begin, so I was fill with extreme joy when my home test came positive, went to the doctor same day, although their test was lil faint than mine, but he said may be cause it's too early, as i was 1 day short to 4 weeks. Now I am 4.5 weeks only, but I don't have any symptom, beside my breast are full and tingly sometimes, and sometime discomfort in abdomen area..actually yesterday I had strong cramp on right side of stomach for a minute, then it didn't happen I need to worry about that cramp? And why do I have no symptom? Is that normal? When does morning sickness and stuff begins?

    Please help, i really appreciate your help and support.

    Carleysmom responded:
    Hi Ash,

    No need to panic and congratulations!!! Everyone is different. I did not really have any symptoms until about 7 weeks with my first and with this pregnancy it was 6 weeks. (I'm only 7 1/2 weeks) With my 1st I had horrible cramping to the point I called the doctor fearing it was not normal. They said it is because your uterus is beginning to grow. Some girls luck out and don't have morning sickness at all. Are you extremely tired or more tired than usual? That is another symptom.

    Hang in there and congratulations again!!
    Sweetypie replied to Carleysmom's response:
    Hi Carleysmom,
    Thanks so much for your reply and wishes. Congratulations to you too. Ok that really makes me feel better, I thought something was wrong as I don't have any other symptoms. It's weird over the weekend when I was home resting, I was feeling very tired even if I just cook for an hour or something, and kind of getting out of breath when I take stairs and come to my bedroom, but from yesterday I am coming to work and not feeling tired, although my job is is in computers, so I just have to sit and work may be that's why, so I don't feel as tired, but yeah i can say I feel more tired than usual at times.

    Btw do you know if it's ok to do exercise in first trimester? My doctor suggested as long I don't stretch my muscles from stomach to thighs, I am good, but he didn't encourage me to exercise, and told me to relax in first 2 months, so I am confused if I shouldn't exercise or 40 mins of mild walk is ok?
    He is concerned for my safely, because I am only 29 and it took me 6 months to conceive, so he wants to make sure I am safe, but at the same time I read that if you exercise everyday it helps in delivery.

    And is it ok to have cramps sometimes? The one I had yesterday was pretty strong, lasted only few seconds but i had to sit down and breath and then it went away.

    Sorry for asking 27 questions

    Thanks so much,
    Carleysmom replied to Sweetypie's response:
    Don't apologize for asking questions!! I had all the same ones you did with my first when I was 26, now I just turned 30 and am freaked out all over again

    My understanding there is nothing wrong with mild exercising, it took me over a year to get pregnant with my daughter and it took just as long with this pregnancy. My doctor has always been encouraging of going for a mild walk, just don't exert yourself. I am not the type of person to sit still all day. I have a desk job and I have to get up and walk around or I go a bit stir crazy.

    The cramping is normal, it's uncomfortable but normal because your uterus is starting to grow to accommodate room for the baby. I thought they were crazy when they told me that, but I guess it makes sense. One thing that helps me with the cramping is actually getting up and walking around for a minute.

    I have been getting short of breath as well when I go upstairs to my bedroom or even walking from the parking ramp to my building at work, it's uncomfortable but they say it's normal as well. Make sure you drink a TON of water too, I notice if I don't drink as much as I normally do I am more short of breath. Take it easy but you don't have to be a hermit

    I really am super excited for you. Keep in touch! We should be due right around the same time.
    Sweetypie replied to Carleysmom's response:
    Thank you so much, it really means a lot, when someone tells you not to worry and it's ok.So thanks a ton. And OMG yes we should be due around the same time, this is so exciting. When is your due date? According to webmd, mine is showing up as 10/25, but I will know on Mar 11th, when I will have the first ultrasound appointment with doctor.

    I did go to gym yesterday and walked for 40 mins, I felt good, but after some time got very tired also and slept early, so that is a good thing, I decide I will go walk at least 4 times a week to being with. I guess I am just more nervous as this is my first time, but I am so happy to know I have someone to share all this. I would love to be in touch with you.
    I am so excited for you too and many congratulations for your 2nd pregnancy

    And you know I think its true, I get more short of breath when I drink less water, so I am trying to drink more and more.
    It was really nice talking to you, I wish happy, healthy and safe pregnancy for both of us
    Carleysmom replied to Sweetypie's response:
    You are very welcome! I understand the nerves believe me. I believe I will be due some time in early October but I will find out when I go to the doctor for the first time March 15th (the same week lol) It feels like forever away!

    I am so excited for you too! I think taking it easy and sticking to your plan of walking will be good. It isn't strenuous and it makes you feel better.

    I agree, it's nice to have someone to go through and share this with. My friends locally have all had kids and are done already and I feel like I'm without anyone (who understands how I am feeling or what I'm going through)

    If you ever want to email me directly my email is

    I wish you all the same and I hope to talk to you soon.

    Sweetypie replied to Carleysmom's response: doctor's appointment is in same week too
    And I KNOW..days are going soo slow now..I will be 5 weeks tomorrow..and I just found a week ago that I am pregnant, still time is going REALLY SLOW..I haven't got any morning sickness as of now, touch-wood.
    Since I am only 5 weeks, we haven't told anyone yet, since it's 1st pregnancy , we want to wait till 10-12 week to tell friends, but will tell family after the doctor appointment. So it's really hard when you can't share stuff with your friends/family, can't wail to tell them.
    Oh thanks a lot for your email. I will keep in touch, my real name is Avni and my email is

    Take care and talk to you soon,
    Carleysmom replied to Sweetypie's response:
    Thanks for the email We went to a party yesterday for some friends and my husband was blurting out telling everyone!! I wanted to wait until I at least went to the doctor.. what a dope.. I'm still holding off on telling most family and friends until I see the doctor.. I feel like March 15th is an eternity away. How are you feeling? I'll send you an email soon.

    Take care,


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