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When did you start "feeling pregnant"?
Jhawkchick posted:
Can someone remind me when they started feeling those 1st trimester symptoms? I'm almost 4 weeks since LMP, got a BFP a few days ago w/one of those early tests so I know I'm not very far along at all. Actually, my period would have started yesterday or today. With that said, I seem to remember being extremely exhausted already at this point with DD. I know I should be happy I don't feel terrible already, but the last time I was pregnant and was feeling "pretty good" I ended up having a MC so I'm just trying to be cautiously optimistic. Any insight or thoughts on your own timelines will be greatly appreciated!
Jessicakphillips responded:
Hi, Jhawkchick!
I wanted to share my pregnancy experiences with you! I started "feeling" pregnant, when I was 6 weeks with my first child and 5 weeks, with my second child. Both times, the symptoms were just morning sickness. Tomorrow, I am 4 weeks pregnant! So we're right about the same. Congrats! I ohope to make it out of my first trimester still carrying this baby because the last 2 times, my husband and I tried, we didn't get pregnant, and 2 times before that, I miscarried both times. We are hoping for a girl since we have 2 boys!
Jhawkchick replied to Jessicakphillips's response:
Thanks Jessica! I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow as well, so we must be due date buddies (November 17th?)! I'm sure people think I'm crazy for wanting to feel sick, but a sick mamma is usually a sign of a healthy baby (or so I've been!). My fingers are crossed for a healthy baby girl for you & your family by the end of the year! Thanks again!
Jessicakphillips replied to Jhawkchick's response:
I totally agree with you about the "wanting" to feel sick. LOL I'm sure it sounds funny to others but i am in the same boat. With the last 2 miscarriages I had, I made it to 4wk4 days, and the second one was 6wks 6 days. Both times I never felt sick. Which was expected and odd that I didnt feel that way. So Im with ya! lol I'm waiting for it to hit me too. Oh yes! Our due dates are the same (Nov. 17th) !! Awesome!
kittykatjenn responded:
This is my first pregnancy and I'm about 5wks. I have felt kinda "iffy" for a couple weeks. Just in the last week or so I have felt kinda sick at my tummy, super tired and really hungry. I did only find out a week ago. I was wondering why I felt all of this and now I know! In the last couple days though I haven't been as hungry and just haven't really felt pregnant. I get the results of my 2nd hcg draw tomorrow so I hope it is good news! BTW, my SIL threw up once in her pregnancy. She didn't even know yet and it was from heartburn! She wasn't sick at all!
Jessicakphillips replied to kittykatjenn's response:
Hi, KittyKatJenn,
Congrats! You might not get sick at all if you're lucky. Some woman still have a healthy pregnancy without morning sickness. I wasn't that lucky. I had it from week 6-17 with my first, and week 5-16 with my second. I am hoping to start feeling some nausea here in the next week or so just because I have had it both times before. My husband and I are done trying. I just don't want to keep miscarrying more than I already have. So hopefully, 3rd times the charm? I would definately say that if you start feeling sick soon, it's a good sign! Many things I've read online and my own doctors have said that morning sickness is a great sign that your hormone levels are rising correctly. I too, have to start tomorrow with getting my blood tested every few days to make sure my hormone levels are going up.
kittykatjenn replied to Jessicakphillips's response:
I have felt queasy but haven't thrown up. I have had some problems with smells, but that is about it. I got my results back and my level almost tripled so that is good. I am going on the 19th for an u/s to check for a heartbeat and viability. The nurse said blood work and levels look good and this is normal. DH an I have dealt with infertility for the last 9 years and I have been taking clomid so I am just going along.

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