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Not so happy mommy :-(
Kandey83 posted:

1st, let me say CONGRATS to all of you new and re-newing mothers! . I am returning to the WebMD pg boards after 8 years. I have 2 boys, one is 8 and the other just turned 1 . This was an unplanned pregnancy & it surprised me bc in the past it has taken me forever to get pg. With my 1st, I had to go on clomid. My 2nd took over 7 years to come (after 1 year of really trying).
I usually don't do this, but I feel that I need to let out what I'm feeling. I have been depressed & annoyed by this pregnancy mainly bc of the horrible symptoms & I wasn't really ready for it. My DH feels that I just need to accept it as the beautiful thing that it is and zip it. I actually can't wait to see my new baby, but this 9-month torture is what hurts me the most and has me very down. I don't want to seem like I don't want this baby, but I just went through this less than 2 years ago and it is killing me, again . Anybody else feel this way? Sorry about the lenghty vent but I have no one else to talk to since we aren't telling people yet.
Jhawkchick responded:
Hi Kandy. I don't quite understand what you mean by "9-month torture". Did you have complications with your last pregnancy? You might want to talk with a therapist or psychologist b/c depression and negative feelings aren't good for you or your baby. With that said, I too have had an unexpected pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant about 2 days before my daughter's first bday. After all the "Seriously?!?!?", "How are we going to make this work.", and "This was NOT part of the plan!!!!" moments we embraced the pregnancy and were very excited about it. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in m/c but to answer your you're not the first woman to have mixed emotions about a surprise pregnancy. Just try to stay positive because your baby deserves the best--even still in the womb!

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