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    Implantation bleeding or early period?
    An_251028 posted:
    Ok, this is my first post so I apologize for being all over the place! I'm 30 years old and am TTC w my husband. We BD'ed almost every fertile day this month, and pretty soon afterwards (within days) I was developing what I thought were early pregnancy symptoms. I was nauseous in the morning (to the point I ran to the bathroom at work cause I thought I was going to vomit), developed a stuffy nose and sore throat, and my cup of morning joe was just not attractive to me anymore. The past two months, my cycles have been 36 and 35 days, but prior to that I was always around 30 days. well this month, a week before AF was expected (according to the 3 period tracker apps i have) I started off w light pink spotting, then a drop of darker blood in my panties, along w a back ache. the first day of AF im usually bowled over w terrible cramps, and it's pretty heavy for the first two days, then lessens over the course of my usual 7 day period. well this time I had no cramps but I did put a tampon in thinking I was just starting AF early. the 'super sized' tampon never got full the first day, the next day I put a reg tampon in and that too never got full. now I'm on the 3rd day of this 'weird period' and I have a light tampon in that's not getting full either (the blood all 3 days has been a mixture of dark brown blood and regular red blood). actually, last night before bed and when I woke up this morning the tampon was spotless, but it did acquire some blood throughout the rest of the day today. since day one of the bleeding, i change my tampon every time i go to the bathroom (which is like every 2-2.5 hours) so altogether the bleeding isnt extremely heavy, but heavier than 'spotting'. now I know everyone says that their implantation bleeding is different, I'm just wondering how many of you think this could b a positive pregnancy sign, a chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or just an early AF (grrrrr)? I'm planning on testing when AF is originally due but that's like 4 days away and I'm going crazy waiting!

    symptoms: nauseous in the morning, still having a stuffy nose and sore throat (going on 2 weeks now w that), and the past 3 days I've been having pretty vivid dreams at night (that I actually remember in the morning!), breaking out on face, very dull back ache, thirsty, hot and cold flashes.

    symptoms i did have that seem to be subsiding since bleeding: fatigue, gas, diarrhea.

    symptoms I DON'T have: breast tenderness, change in CM, heightened sense of smell (maybe because of the stuffy nose though? lol), headaches, cramps, constipation

    background: last MS- feb 19th, fertile days (according to trackers) march 9-13 ( BD'ed on the 8th, 10th, 11th and 14th). spotting/bleeding began on march 18th, today (the 21st) it seems to b coming to an end.

    sorry for the long and somewhat confusing post, just trying to give u as much info as possible!
    Jhawkchick responded:
    That definitely sounds like implantation bleeding to me. Implantation bleeding usually appends before your missed period, but you should take a pregnancy test. They ave early ones available that you can take up to 6 days before your missed period. Worst case scenario, it'll tell you if HCG (pregnancy hormone) is present in your system. You can find out if the egg was implanted in the correct place once you find out whether or not you've conceived. HTH.

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