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Little or no cervical mucous- 11 week pregnant- scared !!!
An_250729 posted:
Hi :

I am 11 weeks pregnant and my first ultra sound happened at 8 weeks ( the computer somehow thought it is 8 weeks 5 days after the measurements . I have a 30 day cycle ).We heard the heart beats ( 177 bpm )and were told that the fetus is growing well. My next appt with OB is due on April 5 , at the completition of 12th week.

I was reading on the internet that my body should produce cervical mucous in good amounts and it comes out as vaginal discharge. Till yesterday I had very little such discharge and today there is no discharge at all. In fact the vagina feels a little dry though not with any burning or itchy sensation. My question is : What is the problem with me? My blood works have come back all normal except Vit D deficiency for which I need to take a supplement from today for next 12 weeks (once).

About the lack or very little cervical mucous - Should I be concerned ??? HELP !!!
Jhawkchick responded:
I wouldn't worry about it too much if your blood work and ultrasounds have been okay. Remember... Every woman/pregnancy is different. Are you staying hydrated? Sometimes dehydration can slow down your secretions as well. HTH.
An_250729 replied to Jhawkchick's response:
Thanks for your response Jhawkchick I am adequately hydrated , drinking approx. 65 ounces of water every day. I am 36 years old and this is my first pregnancy . Getting paranoid What if this is an indicator to something being not right in my system like falling estrogen level ? Anyways thanks again !
Jhawkchick replied to An_250729's response:
It is so easy to worry about something going wrong...especially during your first pregnancy. I probably called my doctor's office once a month when I was pregnant with my daughter. I figured...hey, it's better to ask and have a professional tell me it's nothing to worry about than to just wonder, have something go terribly wrong--especially when it could have been solved with a quick phone call. So if you're really worried, just call your doctor's office and see if they think you need to come in for more blood work. -83D-E0AAlso, as your pregnancy progresses you'll have that added of feeling your baby kicking around inside you letting you know he/she is okay. -83D-C93

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