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Dont know what to do
An_241760 posted:
I'm 20 years old and in my 11th week of pregnancy with my first baby. I'm terrified to tell my parents that I'm expecting because I know they'll get really mad and make me feel extremely guilty. To make things worse my boyfriend, the one I should be able to depend on to be my rock, constantly fights with me and gets mad over the littlest things. He's broken up with me several times already but each time I've begged him to stay with me cuz I just cant do any of this on my own. I can't seem to do anything right.. ever.. and my parents like to point that out in every way possible. I don't know how to tell them and I definitely don't know what to do about my boyfriend. Any advice?
supermommy1 responded:
Sweetheart, this will probably be your first "mom" adult decision you will ever have to make .you need help ,weather it's advice ,monetary , or just support YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR FAMIALY. Unfortunately your bf sounds like he isn't going to be around and they'll know when you start showing soon anyhow. Do what's best for everybody and tell them even if they freak out ,it will sink in and they will be used to and I'm sure happy to have a grandchild . I mean he'll your 20 not 14 it's a I'll young but nothing out of the ordinary

Good luck, Amber

wanderson2012 responded:
I agree with SuperMommy1- you have got to tell your parents. I'm 26 and pregnant with my 2nd baby and I was still nervous to tell my parents that my hubby & I were expecting. (I know, it's stupid but I was! LOL) I understand that in your situation you're scared & nervous BUT you're going to need their support. Being pregnant isn't easy, especially when you feel like you're having to hide it or are afraid of your boyfriend. If he 'helped' you get pregnant then he needs to grow up and help you take care of the baby. Babies are the best thing God will ever give to you, so I'm praying that you can tell your parents about it and get the support you need. GOOD LUCK! It will be okay! *BIG HUGS*

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