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Newly Prego!!!
Lovely_put_together21 posted:
Just want to know what i can do for the lower back aches? i really dont know what to do about them. I have my 1st pre-natal appt next week and it will deff come up in some questions i will ask but if anyone has any advice about what they did about their back aches it would be so nice!!!
72678 responded:
what helped for me was a heating pad put it on your back for a few minutes i used it all the way up to 9 weeks then again in my 9th month
wanderson2012 responded:
Hey there! Congratulations to you!! I've had the same issue with both my pregnancies, so I know how uncomfortable it is! I was surprised at how early it started! However, with my current pregnancy (I'm 9wks now, but found out at like 3-4wks- very early), my backache started almost immediately. Come to find out, I had a Urinary Track Infection (UTI) and my Dr had to put me on a round of antibiotics. It's a simple test that they can detect with a urine test, so you might want to go ahead & call your Dr bc if left untreated it can cause bigger issues. Other than that, you can only take Tylenol for pain (no Advil, Motrin or Ibuprofen). I'd def call your Dr's office and mention it bc it ocould be a UTI and those suck Congrats again & feel better!

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