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HCG and Progesterone
KangarooPouches posted:
Hello all,

I am 6w1d pregnant. This is my 4th pregnancy.

Pregnancy 1:Miscarriage 6th week
Pregnancy 2:Preterm birth at 26 weeks - healthy 5 year old toddler now
Pregnancy 3: Miscarriage 6th week

HCG levels this time:

35 days: 2815
37 days: 3723
39 days: 3487
Today (43 days): 4207

So, it was not doubling, in fact dropped and very slowly rising. So, I insisted on ultrasounds (since my OB just said "Be prepared for a miscarriage")

Had ultrasounds:

35 days: Gestational sac with yolk and 91bpm see through transvaginal ultrasound
Today (43 days): 126 bpm through abdominal ultrasound

So, thats good news right?

While doing some online researches, I came across few discussions about Progesterone.

I insisted that we check those levels for me, the OB was very relucatant and she said she is not concerned about those at all. But, I had it anyway. The numbers are 7.6. Based on what I'm reading online the minimum is 9. I have requested her for a progesterone supplement to try preventing the miscarriage.

My questions:

1. What are the chances that I will not miscarry - since HCG went down and now rising but slowly?
2. Can I forget about the HCG and just be happy with the fetal heartbeat?
3. Is my line of thought about Progesterone right? Will it help in anyway? I hear it is not a regular pill/shot, and that it is a pill that has to be inserted into the vagina.
4. If, God forbid, this pregnancy is not viable, is it better to miscarry naturally or D&C? the only + I can think of about D&C - may be they can test the fetus and find out if anything was wrong and if it could be corrected before I try to conceive next.

Appreciate all answers and more importantly the support and prayers.
samie_77 responded:
I think you should get the Progesterone STAT, and I think your Dr. is a moron.

Progesterone in the first trimester needs to be between 10 and 45. That's why when women have multiple miscarriages they will supplement Progesterone during their pregnancies.Your baby still has a heartbeat I think if you started the Progesterone you still may be able to carry to full term (I'm not a Dr. just hopeful for you).

Progesterone comes in a lot of different forms, pill, cream, suppository, or shot.

Good Luck and lots of prayers!

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