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jenica1432 posted:
After trying for about 5 years i am pregnant. i dont feel like i am though. even argued with the test. but apparently i am. not very far along though. my doc said 3-4 weeks but my hcg levels said 5 weeks. had them done may 20 was at 358 and then may 23 it was 750. from what i understand this is a good level. right? also is anyone else here due around jan. my doc hasnt really told me when my due date is. so fustrating.
samie_77 responded:
Congratulations! Those are really good hcg levels, they can really be about anything as long as they double. I'm due February 1st, but I went a week early last time. When was your period? and how long is your cycle usually, with those you can find out your approx due date.
mommyin2011 responded:
Congrats!! I just found out im prego with #3...due date is around feb. 3rd...

i also was ttc for years with my first...after i had my son, boom, i got prego with my daughter when he was 3 months old...and my daughter is now 10 months old and im prego times!! lol

good luck and if u have any questions, feel free to ask
Me (30) DH (32) - DS 7/31/11 - DD 7/18/12
jenica1432 replied to samie_77's response:
I went back to the doctor on friday ad i was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. he gave me a due date of January 25th. I am so excited. this is my fourth child. I have three boys already. My husband doesnt have any biological children he has adopted my youngest son though. we are truely blessed and very excited. He of course wants a boy but all i have to say is come on team pink....;.
samie_77 replied to jenica1432's response:
Great!! Well I'll cross my fingers for your pink, you cross yours for my blue
jenica1432 replied to samie_77's response:
fingers are crossed so are toes legs eyes. lol good luck keep me informed. i went in on thursday and saw the baby and the heart beat. i am so excited. heres to a healthy and happy pregnancy... to us alll........

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