Nauseous/Morning Sickness
sweetsgirl888 posted:
Hey Ladies! I am currently 6w3d pregnant. I go to my first OB appointment June 19. Currently, since Saturday I have been getting sick and I can't keep anything down. Since Saturday I have lost 5 pounds. I contacted my OB and she gave me Zofran (which seems to help some). Still can't eat much. The very thought of found makes me sick. When I do eat, I can only handle regular potato chips (and even those are making me sick now) and I can eat chicken. Any other things I should try to eat or anything that can alleviate this nauseousness?
I've also been extrememly crabby. And, I seem to take everything out on my boyfriend. Everything he does is annoying to me. Oh, also I made him change his deodorant/scent because that made me sick too. Did your guy become annoying to you when you were pregnant? did it last long?
Also, hot flashes at night. I can sleep with just a sheet on at night and still wake up sweating. I can also be hot all day and it makes me even more crabbier.
Any advice will be helpful. Thanks!
samie_77 responded:
Maybe try getting some ginger gum, or ginger ale? It's supposed to help. I have heard a lot of people say, if they force something down every 2 hours, the nausea will actually let up a little bit.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Try spearmint tea for the nausea. When I was pregnant with DD, I had all day "morning" sickness and spearmint tea eased it enough so I could eat.
sylasmommy0406 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
You may want to try Zofran, with my first one i had morning sickness for 7 months 24/7. And in this pregnancy i am still very sick..the only thing that gives me relief of any kind is zofran. Ive already eneded up in the hospital for dehydration twice bc the baby is taking everything that doesnt come out. I also tried crackers, water, ginger, and remedies like that..they didnt work for me but i hope you find something that will ease your stomach.