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I am afraid when i ovulated is later then expected.
mrasmommy2010 posted:
I went in this past Wednesday for my first ultrasound, well according to my last menstrual cycle I was suppose to be 9w 1d. well they did a vaginal ultrasound and when the tech was taking measurements she looked and said that pregnancies like this end in miscarriage and the baby was not progressing like it should. So I saw my doctor who told me I could wait up to 5 weeks and miscarry or I can have a D&C to end it. Well I was an emotional wreck so I went home and talked to some friends and they told me that they have experienced this and to just be patient because chances are I ovulated late. My doctor was adamant about me ending this pregnancy but I feel like there is still a baby I am still experiencing symptoms and I haven't started bleeding I have been spotting but that is normal in the first stages of pregnancy. I have had one miscarriage before and I have had one successful full term baby. can anyone give me advice should I follow my heart and keep hanging on or should I let it go?
hgreenwood7058 responded:
How far different were you measuring from the u/s? Yes its possible you ovulated late. Really they should just dismiss you after one u/s have they done any other u/s or any other blood work? If you haven't started to m/c (which I am hoping you haven't). I would say ask for more blood work or another u/s to confirm. The blood will show a decrease in hcg numbers by like half every couple of days (sometimes slower). Or if you are measuring way behind I would ask to wait for like two weeks and then have another u/s because then you will no for sure because a hb should show by then. If you are still symptomatic I would definately ask for more tests. Hugs and best wishes.
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mrasmommy2010 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
I did end up having a m/c which ended up with getting a D&C I haven't gotten pregnant yet again but hoping to start my fertility treatment t soon so I can!!! Thank you for your response sorry I just now saw this!

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