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Am I pregnant, going through implantation bleeding, or is this my period?
layluh56 posted:
I started my period on august 5th. On August 16&17 I had unprotected sex. My partner did not ejaculate in me, but I know there is always the chance of pre-ejaculation. My period is always irregular, so its very hard to know when I will start. Sometimes it is on time, others its not. This week on the 4th of September, I felt very dizzy and almost fainted. I broke out into a really bad sweat. I drank some Gatorade and felt better. (My sugar levels have dropped before but not very common) I believed that's what it could of been. My best friend questioned my period and questioned pregnancy. I took a test and it was negative. On the 5th, I woke up and when I was doing my hair in my bathroom I began to feel nauseas. It was really hot inside so I figured I was dehydrated, again, I ran for a Gatorade and felt better. yesterday night (sept 7th) I began to bleed. I figured it be my period, however it was lighter(not as heavy) than usual. It started off a brownish color, then looked like a period. I know this is TMI, but when I would look down it was almost as if my period was hanging down like goo. I would push and small clots would fall. I began to have cramping and it continued through the night. Its a period like color now. Its like a deep red. I was suppose to start my period between the 3rd-7th due to an app that helps me track. Did I test too soon? Can this be my period? Can I test while I am bleeding without it effecting my outcome?
krazykatt707 responded:
If its red like period blood and you're passing clots, then yeah, I would say period.
Rachel(29),DH(30),DS(7),DD(2),EDD 5-21-14
krazykatt707 responded:
Implantation bleeding is never that heavy. I got some with this pregnancy and it is usually brown to light pink in color and very light. Only there when you wipe or leaving only a smear on your panty liner. Usually will only last a day or two.
Rachel(29),DH(30),DS(7),DD(2),EDD 5-21-14

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