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Am I pregnant, going through implantation bleeding, or is this my period?
layluh56 posted:
I started my period on August 5th. On the 16-17, we had unprotected sex. He did not ejaculate in me, however I am aware or pre-ejaculation. According to an app that helps me track my period, I was suppose to start between the 3rd-7th of September. On the 4th of September I has a weird encounter. I felt very thirsty almost dehydrated. It was a very hot morning. I felt desperate for a beverage and on my way to get it, I began to black out almost passing out. I drank a Gatorade and felt better. My bff who was with me questioned my period and possible pregnancy. I tested negative. On the 5th again I woke up feeling dehydrated. After some sprite I felt better. I do have a past of low sugar levels but not very common. every so often it will happen before or during my period. On the 6th, I began to cramp and within time I began to bleed. On my underwear there was a little brown. It soon progressed into a period color and even scent, however not as heavy. I know this might be TMI, but when I look down, its almost as if its like goo. if I push I drop small clots the size of pennies or nickels. by tonight on the 7th, I am barley bleeding. I am however still cramping. Did I test to soon? is this implantation bleeding or can this be my period. I have been a little stressed about being pregnant, can I start my period and delay it? ( I am technically suppose to be on my period now) how can I tell? if I retest while bleeding, will it affect my outcome?
An_250560 responded:
It's possible you are pregnant.
Wait a week and try testing again.

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