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Cysts while pregnant.
emily1533 posted:
So I got my first ultrasound (9w 1d right now) and the ultrasound tech found 3 good sized benign cysts on one ovary and said the pain I've been having on one side is sympathy pains from the other one! Anybody else had cysts while pregnant? Did they go away or stick around throughout the whole thing? This is baby #3 so I've been through the rounds, just something that's never happened before!!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
lurking from 2nd trimester board:I had one for sure on my left ovary. She couldn't visualize my right ovary (it was a u/s at the doctor vs a tech). But I have PCOS and get hemorraghic cysts so I knew before doing the scan I had atleast one cyst. I had one on my left for sure. But pretty sure I also had one on the right. It is common to have one esp early in the pregnancy because of when you ovulate and release the egg. Sometimes they disolve pretty quickly after but some don't they last a bit longer. I belive mine went away as I didn't see it during my 12 week scan which was 6 weeks after my first scan. I would not be too concerned. They usually do dissolve on their own. Occassionally they will rupture and hurt like a you know what.
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emily1533 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
Good to know i'm not alone! I've been having a pain on my left side but the cysts are on the right. I told the US tech and she checked out the left one and said that it was a little swollen, but no ectopic pregnancy or cysts. Hence the 'sympathy pains'... -_- I'm not horribly concerned, but totally new territory for me! Doesn't help I've had the absolute worst anxiety about this pregnancy! Maybe it's a #3 thing?
mrshoro responded:
I had a cyst with #1 that popped around 8w3d. Luckily it didn't hurt as much as before I was preg.
It is nothing to worry about.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12 with GD
renderkr replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
Did you have the cyst before you got pregnant? Can a woman get pregnant when she has cyst?

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