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scared this is a miscarriage
wildxonexx posted:
I have been bleeding now for over 24hrs. I was supposed to get my period the friday before last. I took a pregnancy test that friday and it showed faint. I took another one last night after learning i had started bleeding, and another one early this morning. They both also came back faint. I'm scared that I'm having a miscarriage, since I read that implantation bleeding was minimal and Iight... I dont think my bleeding is minimal or light. How come I'm still bleeding? Is it a miscarriage? When will i stop bleeding? Will my baby be okay?
kim1976 responded:
if the bleeding has been on going for the past 24hrs and is dark not light then Im sorry to say you could be miscarrying I know the feeling as I have miscarried a few times myself with twins in 2005 then again 2007 then again in 2009 then again 2012 i so sorry to hear of your lose
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You may also have had a chemical pregnancy. That's where there is enough of the hormone to get a positive but for some reason or another, it was not viable so your body naturally miscarried it. It happens to quite a few women who may not even have known they were pregnant and just thought their period was late.
wildxonexx replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Its so wierd bc I went to the dr today. They took a pregnancy test and they said it came back negative. ... they almost didn't believe that I was pregnant. .. my bleeding hasn't stoprd.. so I'm guessing their is no baby:/ I also feel that I'm not as emotional. .and the cravings and hot flashes are gone.
wildxonexx replied to kim1976's response:
Thanks... I feel terrible. But soon will try again.

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