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Hot baths & steam rooms... Should I be as worried as I now am?!
arm888 posted:
I'm a 41 years new mum to be. My questions are many... Like when did I get pregnant? Is it bad I didn't know and had the odd drink & took no vitamins? I just about reassured myself and started to relax AND THEN I read about the 'don't get too hot' rule - i.e. avoid hot tubs, hot baths and saunas - WHILE in a fairly hot bath!!

Its not like its a one off as it's part of my weekly routine - steam 3 days a week after gym and bath the other days... Now I'm very worried. I got hot enough to sweat and feel thirsty and now I read it really can be dangerous. The first time I EVER heard this yet the comments I've read make it sound worse than taking drugs which we hear about pretty much all the time!

Now I'm feeling very uncomfortable and stressed! Every time I reassure myself about one thing and start to enjoy this new experience I read something else. Ps I just read a comment somewhere else by a lady from Finland who said everyone in Finland saunas and it's not resulted in issues (tube defects etc)

Does anyone have any thoughts?!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's continued and prolonged exposure to heat. You're usually not in a not bath long enough to cause any damage and the same thing with a steam room.

The odd drink or two shouldn't hurt anything as long as it wasn't regular. Again, if it's excessive and prolonged (several drinks a day every day for weeks at a time) then it would be aproblem.

It's not bad that you don't know when you got pregnant as long as you started taking care of yourself when you found out you were. Many women don't track their periods or have irregular periods so don't know when they got pregnant. Your doctor will probably use an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and determine your due date.
arm888 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Hi tLkittycat

Thx v much for the reply! I tried to reply to u several hours ago but site locked me out...

Yes I've been pretty worried as I had no idea about the heat thing and have been using steam and baths every week several times! It's a ritual... Steam then cold plunge pool twice each session after gym usually three times a week and fairly warm baths the other days. And yes I sweat in the steam room - and sometimes the bath!

Does that sound dangerous to you?? It just sounded from everything I read worse than anything esp as I've been doing it while it's been my first 2-6 weeks (I guess tho dates are not at all clear!) anyway any other thoughts you have are appreciated. Re dating the pregnancy I may come back to you as it's a long story and really I have no idea! I do know I got pregnant very easily pretty much the first time I stopped trying not to!

tlkittycat1968 replied to arm888's response:
Regarding heat, my doctor told me that it would get uncomfortable for me to stay in the heat before any damage was done. If you stayed in the steam room/hot bath for hours at a time every day, there might be a problem.
scorpiomom30 responded:
my doctor told me hot baths are fine because the temp slowly goes down. he told me never to get in a hot tub because "it will cook your baby like a shrimp". those were his actual words. Dr. Altenhofen, head of gynecology of sacred heart hosp.for over 20 years and has been my obgyn for over 11 years after he retired from the hosp.

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