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When did I conceive and what does it all mean...?!
arm888 posted:
My last period ended around October 20th... My husband & I had sex I think the following weekend and then I think maybe again the following week. My sister came to stay for a week and I was going out a lot with her even though I got a bad cold/flu about 2 days after she arrived (!) in other words I was not living a healthy lifestyle!

When she left I was still sick with flu but then also got a v bad diarrhea for one day (I now wonder if that was my body spring cleaning!!). I thought my period may be due and was worried and did an early results test which was negative (would have been around 2 weeks after the last sex) and I think a couple days later I got light bleeding that seemed more like end of period - darker and came & went. So I thought I'd just had a weird period. Now I wonder could this have been implantation bleeding?! Or?!

I was feeling different, wanting quiet peaceful home time etc but put this down to having been ill. We went out for a couple of dinners with some wine & then on 2nd December I did another test and yes positive! Now I'm trying to learn everything and keep finding out more things I should and should not have been doing - from avoiding heat & hot baths to not having been taking vitamins to my non perfect lifestyle start to being 41 not 21 etc etc etc.

Can anyone advise what my date might be or any thoughts about above experience and anything else I should consider or be concerned about?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
That could have been implantation bleeding but there really isn't anyway to tell when you conceived. Your doctor will use an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and go from there.

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