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Light cramping, only a few seconds, Pregnant?
chelleranee posted:
Hi, my husband and i have been ttc for 4 months im going crazy, im currently 3 days late, ive been pretty regular for a while but i dont want to be disappointed again so im afraid to test, since for about 4-5 days now ive had cramping that feels like im going to start but it only last a few seconds and goes away, its not as intense either, has anyone experienced this? my only "symptom" is sore breast but my breast get sore when i have my period so not really a valid sign.
An_255368 responded:
Currently 6 weeks, that is how I felt at the beginning around the time I should have started my period. I had light cramping that would last a few minutes and then go away. I waited until I was a full week late to test, so I wouldn't be let down.
pistolxmomma93 responded:
I had the same thing except me and my husband had been trying for over a year. I too was to scared to test, I noticed my breasts being sore (which happened around my period) but the tenderness didnt go away. I waited until I was about 8-10 days late and took a test at a friends house on a wim. Turns out those little cramps I was feeling are my ligaments and uterus changing and growing. Your best bet would be to wait a few days and then test. Thats the best you can do.
chapmanfamily responded:
Did you test yet?
mama_2_b responded:
Hello Chelleranee,

I took pregnancy home test today after having light "period" like cramping but no period. My period isn't always punctual, I also have been having uncomfortable sensation of my breasts, sometimes very painful. Other than that there are no signs, the tests ( I did 3) were all positive. Tomorrow I am going to the dr and ask for a blood test to verify that. So, take the test and find out. It saves you a lot of headache and worry.

Good luck

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