eagermom82 posted:
Hi here's the deal. Me and my guy have bern trying to conceive since last Dec. My cycles are pretty normal. Last Oct and Nov my cycle started around the Dec and Jan it started around the 10th. Well in last month my cycle started on the 6th which was earlier than usual, but it last ariund the usual 5 days. So here we are in March and my cycle started today (3/....I am having cramping...but I didn't have any pms...neither did I pms last month. I took a test at my Dr. Office on 2/20...which was - of course but Im thinking I may have conceived from my last encounter which was 2/11.I have been having alot of heart burn and back pain...and weird cravings at times...some nausea, but not alot. ..Im just confused because I got my period with my first this may indeed be implantation. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
mariajohnson responded:
Yeah it may be implantation bleeding. While you can't have a period while pregnant, spotting may or may not be an early symptom of pregnancy.