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what does this mean
An_256408 posted:
should be 8 and half week had US on friday and only a sac is present measuring 6 weeks and couple days. last period was jan 30. ultrasound tech didnt have much to say except there should be a heartbeat and i am on the curb of a heartbeat and there not being one. the doctor acted like i was expecting to see to much but has me coming back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. not sure why i am measureing 2 weeks behind, my cycle is usually a 26 day one. he said he saw something in there but ultrasound tech didnt act like there was anything showing. is he making me feel better for 2 weeks or should i be worried
reeves73 responded:
also i am a smoker would this make the development slower at this stage
csvochatzer replied to reeves73's response:
I too just had an U/S. I'm supposed to be 7 weeks and I'm measuring one week and one day earlier (5 weeks and 6 days). My tech said she couldnt hear the heartbeat and that I wouldn't be able to hear the heartbeat. I insisted and told her she had to try please, so she did and she picked it up at 120 beats per minute. My Dr. explained I likely ovulated late, hence the smaller size. I'm a wine drinker so had the same concerns, but in the meantime, sadly, I think you and I just need to be patient.
aaronsmomxo responded:
when i was pregant with my son years go. i remember i was suppose to be close to 9 weeks when i first went but aarons measured 7wks and 4 or 5 days. my dr told me the reason for this is because no one can really tell when a women ovulates thats why they usually give a weeks time to "fertile" days. usually after 6 weeks is when you can see a heartbeat. around 5 weeks you see a sack and sometimes a "tail" which is probably why your called wants to see you back in 2 weeks. there checking to make sure there a heart beat.

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