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chrissyzajac posted:
Hi. I just found out about a week ago that I am pregnant. I'm happy about it but my stress from everything else that's going on is making it hard to keep a positive attitude. I'm about 5-6 weeks along. This is my boyfriends first child. He's ok about it but more nervous than anything which I understand. I just keep telling him that he's not alone, that its normal to feel that way, that were going through this together, and that I'm there for him. I'm not too nervous seeing I've been through it before. He's still active in the army and works on base. The day I told him he was also told that he was getting transferred to another base 8 hours away and only gave him 4 days notice to move. He said he'd come back to move me there with him in August. This stress is what's eating at me a lot not to mention that my mom just got diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to her brain and caused 7 tumors. The brain tumors are not curable and it will eventually kill her. This is hard on me because I lost my dad when I was 7. And my aunt is making the sickness all about her and has been doing nothing but yell ay me and call me names and say I'm a lazy lier. It got so bad I had to block her on my phone and on Facebook. My older brother and his girlfriend also found out that they are pregnant but may be an etopic pregnancy... I haven't seem my boyfriend since ma. I'm feeling lonely and stressed but don't want to load too much on him because he's uber busy with the army and the baby information. I'm also not trying to be the clingy whiney girlfriend. I've been patient with him but my hormones and stress are making it harder now. Also I feel like I'm already showing or bloated or whatever it is. I lost 40 pounds just before this pregnancy and I feel like its already back that quickly. I'm trying to talk my doctor into letting me get an early ultrasound to see if I may have twins since my dad was one and it runs in the family. I would sleep all night, get up at 7 with my 4 year old and go downstairs and straight back to sleep and fight staying awake litterally till 6pm and still want to sleep. And my appetite went from almost never hungry right to constantly...
Has a 4 year old daughter and a second baby on the way
chrissyzajac responded:
  • haven't seen him since may*.
    *lost 30 pounds*
    been freaking out that he wont come back for me, my daughter, or his baby
    Has a 4 year old daughter and a second baby on the way

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