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Could I be pregnant?
lilypad143 posted:
Hi all, I'm new here. Been suspecting that I'm pregnant but I had my period on June 25 and ended June 30. Hubby and I were intimate from 2 days before to 2 days after my ovulation (6/12 ). 6 days after ovulation, 6/18, I noticed light pink and brown spotting, and clear and think egg white discharges until the 24th. 3 days before my period I started to experience a lot of pregnancy symptoms that I didn't had before when I have pms. My period is supposed to due 6/29 but came 4 days early. It normally lasts forn7 days and quite heavy but from 6/25 to 6/30 it was lighter than normal and it was very dark brown and dark red, and more watery and have lesser clots. Now it's 3 days after my period and the pregnancy symptoms hasn't stopped but intensified:

Morning sickness
Nausea with vomiting, especially after meal
Fatigue and need to nap in the afternoon (I don't nap btw)
Have mild pelvic pain and cramping
Hightened since of smell and I gag when I smell garlic and ginger, when I used to be crazy about these
My breast seems bigger and it's more tender and sore
Very emotional and moody
I go to the bathroom to pee a little more and have diarrhea
More gassy and experience heart burn

Could I be pregnant? I have never felt these before and I don't feel like myself
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, you could be pregnant, especially since your period was out-of-character for you. Take a test.
lilypad143 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thanks! Yeah definitely taking a test this weekend. Today my breast hurt a lot more, which is strange because this doesn't happen after period. Feeling more tired too and I pee a lot more for even when I don't drink too much water.

Hubby is very excited but I'm a little nervous of my changing body and don't know what to expect.This will be our first baby if I'm indeed pregnant.
lilypad143 replied to lilypad143's response:
So I took a test but it was a BFN. I'm not disappointed that I got a BFN but I just don't understand because the symptoms have intensified. I now have metallic taste and my breast is getting more sore everyday. I have mild muscle cramps in my lower abdomen like I'm doing crunches. It doesn't hurt but I can really feel it like my muscles are being stretched. I couldn't stand the smell whenever we cook food, and I vomit if I eat anything oily/fatty. All I want to eat are either sweets or something sour. I like eating popsicle and jello for snack and I can keep it down just fine. This morning around 7am I just laid flat and slept for 2hrs straight because I was so tired I couldn't fight it at all. I got up at 3am buy had full 8hrs of sleep. I'm so confused because the test says negative but my body is telling me otherwise . Did I test too early? I read that false negatives are very common than false positive. If you could shed some light, I'd be very thankful.
tlkittycat1968 replied to lilypad143's response:
Some women don't show on pregnancy tests and have to have a blood test or ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. Wait and see if your next period comes or if your symptoms continue.
lilypad143 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Yeah, I did read about that too. I bought another HPT kit which is more sensitive and could detect early pregnancy, and says 99% accurate. I just can't not be pregnant. 9 days after af, I can now feel something growing inside of me, the ladies hurt more everyday, fatigue has increased, and morning sickness is getting worse. It's just frustrating that the test says negative but my body disagrees. If I still get another BFN by the end of the week, I'll wait for my next period, which should be in 20 days, and see.

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