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    Heart Rate @ 7 weeks???
    sunyflwr posted:
    Hi all. How many of you had an u/s at 7 weeks, and what was your bean's heart rate? We just had an u/s this afternoon, and finally got to see the fetal pole and heart beat! It was 113 bpm. I am exactly 7 weeks since LMP. My husband asked if this was normal, and the tech said "I'm not allowed to say." Because she wouldn't tell us if the HB was normal or not, it makes me feel like it is slow or not normal. What do you all think? And what were your heart rates around this time?
    Babygr123 responded:
    Lurking... Well it seems like it might be a little slower than the average, but I wouldnt worry about it. They have such a wide range of "normal" heart rates, that it is very hard to tell. With my last pregnancy the heart rate was in the 130s at 7wks. When they initially checked the heart rate, they said it was 22bpm, yes I said 22 bpm. Then they were lke wait thats not right and they re did it and came up with 130, so I dont how accurate they are at the 7wk mark. GL and relax, all is well :lightsmile:
    andprice responded:
    The u/s tech is not a doctor, so they really aren't allowed to say anything about the health of your baby...she wasn't just trying to avoid giving you bad news. Don't worry about it. It never hurts to give your dr. a call and ask. I don't know what my past baby's HR's were, and haven't gotten this one checked out yet (I'm only 5w). Honestly, I never paid that much attention to what the actual HR was...I'm just happy to have a heartbeat. We know WAAAAAAAAAY too much about pregnancy these days! I mean, information is wonderful, but it does make us worry! Make yourself stop worrying. Think about something else (the best you can). HTH!
    wxbuny responded:
    hello! I just clicked on the wrong board but I can answer your question! I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days to see how far along I was and the HR was 114. The DR said that was totally normal! When I went back at 10 weeks it was 150-160 BPM! I am now almost fourteen weeks and at 12 weeks we heard the HB with the doppler and it was fine! We didn't get a rate cause baby was moving all over! I think you are right about normal, if you are still worried you should call your DR and ask them! HTH!
    sunyflwr responded:
    The other thing I wanted to mention is that the tech didn't tell us the crown rump length or the age of the fetus based on the measurements. I have browsed other boards and gals are saying that the tech told them this info. I can't call my OB until Monday, so I am driving myself batty wondering if my baby is developing properly!
    fox_rider133 responded:
    I'm 7 weeks and some change and I had an ultrasound done today and the doc said the heartbeat was 150? So now I am wondering if there is something wrong with my baby?
    apriljessebarton responded:
    I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and the heartbeat was 99 the doc sounded concerned but we went back at 7 wks 4 days and the heartbeat was up to 151 and the doc said that was good, and said she would've never worried about the heartbeat being 99 its normal for it to be low in the beginning.
    sunyflwr responded:
    Fox_rider....from what I have researched, 150 is GREAT! Congrats!! I was 7 weeks exactly yesterday, so I am hoping that my baby is a few days younger than a true 7 weeks, cause then I think a heart rate of 113 would be on target. I just don't know what the u/s dated by bean at, because the tech didn't tell me!! I will call my OB on Monday, but I sure hope that 113 is okay!
    mrswelchiswaiting responded:
    at 7 weeks by babies heartbeat was 129 and the week before that it was 102. don't stress, you're fine :)
    Ravanas responded:
    I had one at 8 weeks and my heart rate was 160 and the doctor called me and told me that was perfectly normal. A growing fetus heart rate changes from slow to high. 110 to 180 is normal.
    Jen__ responded:
    Someone just asked this yesterday and I think the concensus was between 110-120.
    sgreenwood1431 responded:
    Hello! I had an u/s at 6wks 5dys and the HB was 92. Everyone was really worried so I went back at 7wks 5dys and the HB went up to 133! I just went yesterday (9wks) and the HB is now 170!!! So just relax, 113 is a LOT better then 92! Good Luck.
    sunyflwr responded:
    Thanks ladies!! I don't know what I would do without you all and this board!! I would drive myself insane with anxiety!! I will get the official results of my friday u/s tomorrow, so Ill update this post in case anyone else has the same question in the future.
    volley17 responded:
    Lurking from 3rd Tri. If I remember correctly my babies heart rate at 6 weeks was only around 115. I think they said between 110-140 was normal at that point. Good luck.
    sunyflwr responded:
    Thanks for your input and good luck Erin, I see you will become a new mommy any day now!! :)

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