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Bonine is a blessing for MS
Momma_Fox posted:
Just wanted to let people know if they didn't before that my doc recommended OTC stuff called Bonine. It is a mild, non-drowsy form of Dramamine and is working wonders on my 24/7 nausea!! It doesn't fully get rid of it but it does take the edge off so much that I can concentrate on other things!!! Now I feel soooo much better!!

Hope it might help others!!!
JenEthan responded:
Is this really safe to take? I've been dying from vomiting and nausea for a very long time! It never ends and I'm in grad school and failing currently because all I can think about is not throwing up. My doc said I had to just wait it out but he's kind of a jerk. I've looked into buying those sea sickness braclets. Do you know if those work?
Momma_Fox responded:
Bonine is on the list that my doctor gives to everyone. She made up a sheet of OTC medicines that are ok to take for different illnesses when you are pregnant: Nausea, Constipation, Diarreah, heartburn, etc and when to go to the ER and when to call her. It was great! It lists Bonine and Emetrol for nausea. I grabbed both and started with the Bonine. But Emetrol is actually for kids so it might be more gentle.

I don't know about the armbands but I do know that pressure points work on some stuff, just never tried it for this. I think you can get a fairly cheap bracelet at Walmart.

Hope this helps!
JenEthan responded:
Thanks so much! I really wish my doctor was this informative!

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