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HCG Levels.......
momoffiveboys posted:
I got one done yesterday and when i called the nurse for my lab results she told me my progestrone was 19 wich was good for early pregnancy and then i HAD to ask her for my hcg levels and she was it was 18,000 i looked up on webmd for level meanings (i am 6 wks so 4 wks past my period) the site said 100-10,000 is 5-6 weeks after your period and 12,000 to 270,000 is 14-16 weeks past your period.... mine was 18,000 i know i am not taht far along... and after mt nurse gave me the number she asked me if i had an apt. or just the lab i told her just the lab and she is like well deb is out of office today so i will talk to her and see what she wants to do. what are my changes of having twins i am so scared..... i am soo busy i start school next week.. I am so scared.... Vicki
hisangelface responded:
Your chances for twins is not any higher than anyone else's. Your levels are not abnormally high and maybe you are just someone who produces a lot of hormones when pregnant. I would only start to worry about carrying twins if you see two heartbeats on an u/s. Congrats on the pregnancy!
anson2008 responded:
HI there, I just got my lab work back today also. My hcg level was 19.417 and I'm 6 wks and 3 days. My Dr. said that is perfectly normal. Some women just produce more of a hormone level than others. In my case, I might be a little futher along than I thought, but I'll know for sure on Friday, when I get my first u/s. Good Luck.
momoffiveboys responded:
I am hoping it is just one. but if i was as far along as my hormone levels would say i am then i know i would be showing this is my 6th kid and i started showing early with the last 4 so we will see. i am hoping once the nurse talks to the P.A. she will call me back and ease my fears.. i have harder preg now that i have so many i have type 2 diabetes on insulin now if it is twins that will be harder to control... we will see though but let me know what yours come up at your ultra sound friday... vicki
2plustwins responded:
I was only at 6 weeks exactly and my levels were 36,000 and I was having twins. Every pregnancy varies. Don'y worry.
momoffiveboys responded:
WOW ya that number i think would scare me worse then what i am....... the other thing i ready is higher numbers can indicate down syndrome and i don't even want to think along those lines.... so i think i would rather have twins then that but i will love whatever i get... the thing that has me worried is the nurse after she gave me my numbers she told me the p.a. was out of the office today but tomorrow she will show her the results and see what she wants to do... like ok what would she want to do except maybe get me in earlier or get me an u/s earlier... but other then that why bring that up??? if she did not have that kind of reaction i don't think i would have looked up the hcg meanings... i knew the numbers were good but how good not sure and with her reactions that is why i looked it up.. vicki

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