When can you see the yolk sac?
indogirl_yr273 posted:
I was able to see gestational sac at 5 weeks yesterday during my first vaginal ultrasound. I was wondering when can i see the yolk sac? I'll be going back to see my doctor on monday for another ultrasound but im only 5 wks and 4 days is it too early for another ultrasound? any opinions will help me alot. Thank you!
Jewelsdesk07 responded:
Well, if your Dr is looking for something specific then s/he might give you another US........and if your insurance approves it. But, prior to 6wks or so things change but you can't really tell anything about the fetus...........I don't know if that is a good answer or not. It may just make your fears worse if you were to go in and see the same type thing on US.......is there an issue with your history that your Dr would decide to do 2 very early US less than a week apart?
alb7585 responded:
***lurking from TTC*** My doctor won't do an ultrasound until 7 weeks becuase that is the best indicatior of age and if its a good pregnancy. You may want to wait until that point beucase prior to that things are very unclear. HTH and GL
tricia0331 responded:
Hi I jst had my first U/s at 5weeks 6days. We saw the gestational,yolksac,fetal pole and a fluttering which is the beginning of a heartbeat. I was told that's great for so early. Seeing just the gestational sack @5 weeks is normal. I would wait until you are at least 6.5 weeks if you expect to see much more.I have a 8week u/s to get a heartrate and to see more.Don't worry you are right on track. Patricia30,Dh 33,ttc 04/06 IVF#1 successful,betas 409,1001,2025,13884,EDD 3/16/10