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Dizziness before missed period?
MichelleR88908 posted:

You'd think I would remember this from my first pregnancy, but of course I don't!

Has anyone experienced sudden and lasting dizziness as an early sign of pregnancy? My period is a week away, but I'm hoping to be pregnant.

I have no fever, am not dehydrated, and I don't think I have any medical condition to be freaking out about.

Just curious if it's too soon to feel dizzy, of if maybe this is my lucky month!

k8lynn0428 responded:
Well you ovulate about 2 weeks before your period... so assuming you ovulated a week ago, then it would probably be too early for the dizziness to be from pregnancy. If the egg was fertilized, then it will implant 7 to 10 after you ovulate. The implantation is what starts the hormones that in turn start the symptoms. So at this point you, if you are pg, then you probably only implanted today maybe yesterday at best if you ovulated when I'm guessing. That is not to say you aren't pregnant, it is just my opinion that the dizziness isn't from being pregnant. Or you could have ovulated earlier than you thought and be pregnant, but farther along than you think. In which case, if you are far enough along to have symptoms, then you would be far enough along to get a pos. result on a hpt. The two week wait sucks doesn't it! I hope you get some good news real soon!!!! Good luck!!!
mrsmitnz responded:
I remember feeling dizzy around what I know now was implantation. I don't have any proof that the two were related though. good luck, hope you get your bfp!
Nomadica responded:
I started getting dizzy about a week before my BFP (2 days ebfore missed period), along with feeling sick to my stomach- that's how I knew something was up!
usmcwifey23 responded:

about a week before I got my bfp I was sooooo dizzy i couldnt walk up the stairs one night! it felt like i just got off a roller coaster!! and i kept having those dizzy spells!! well, now im 29 weeks preggo, so im pretty confident it had something to do with pregnancy lol

good luck!!!

Vanessa(24)DH(24)..DD#1(13months)...edd 11/07/09...its a girl!!!!
MichelleR88908 responded:
My DH says I'm just "sensitive" to everything right now and wanting it to be. Well, YEAH!!!

Guess time will tell! So far today I'm fine. Hopefully next week will be good news!
ShanF317 responded:
I was dizzy and was scared because it would come and go with the nausea and cramping.

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