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Red Spots Around Eyes
bm1984 posted:
I'm 12 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden tonight when I took my make up off I noticed that I have these small red spots under the skin all around underneath my eyes. I also noticed that there are several spots inside the bottom of each eye, making them look kind of bloodshot. My husband also noticed my eyes are kind of swollen. Has anyone else had this, is it a normal pg symptom? Thanks in advance for your help, I searched around for possible causes but came up with nothing.
dkroeger responded:
have never heard of anything like that, but will see if i can find anything....that's a bummer, sorry you are going through that! GL!
dkroeger responded:
you could try answering questions on this site and see if it comes up w/ any dx...

If they're itching at all it may be a rash...allergy (have a friend who actually gets shingles only around the eye)... and makeup will probably not help. I'd wouldn't wear make-up for at least a few days. GL!
bm1984 responded:
Thanks for the responses. No better, no worse today. The swelling is gone though, thank goodness! No itchiness, so I don't think it's a rash. I have an OB appt. Monday so I'll bring it up there. Thanks again!
moniqie23 responded:
have you been throwing up lately, I had this happen to me after some serious throwing up.
bm1984 responded:
A few hours before they appeared I had thrown up pretty badly. Maybe that had something to do with it. I think the spots are lighter today, not gone, but lighter.
peasandlove responded:
I know that this question was posted 4 years ago, but I just wanted to say that this is caused by vomiting. It's broken blood vessels that happen when you vomit. Bulimics can get this, and you can get it when you have morning sickness.

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