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TMI!!! Dark/Black stool
rubygirl82 posted:
Hey, this is WAY TMI but I wondered if anyone else had this happen. I am about 7 1/2 weeks and about 5 days ago I started getting morning sickness. On Sunday I ate practically nothing, vomitted that night and then Monday ate some cereal all day. Tuesday morning I went to the bathroom and my stool was very dark green almost black. I ate better on Tuesday and actually was able to eat some pasta for dinner. This mornind I went to the bathroom and again it was this from my upset stomach, is this normal? What causes the dark color.....disgusting I know!
Melissa0607 responded:
Is it your prenatal? I know mine said on the pharmacy slip that mine can change my urine color but it didn't mention anything about the stool. If you are concerned though, I would call your OB. I know in the nonpregnant world that black stools usually mean that there is blood in your stool. I know medications can affect that though but if you aren't on any that is what it normally means.
rubygirl82 responded:
I am on medicine for a bladder infection prenatals dont say anything about changing color--I'll call my doc
Melissa0607 responded:
Maybe the two of them are changing it? Who knows. I would call the doc too :smile:
christie_1980 responded:
i'd guess from your vitamins. taking iron can do that to your poop. hth!!
randers730 responded:
I have that and my prenatul also said that is a common side effect because of the different minerals in the prenatul. Call the pharmacist or read the paperwork that came with your prenatul. It should be normal as long as the rest of you is feeling okay - minus pregnancy symptons of course :)
kpease responded:
Your prenatal vitamins can cause dark stools due to the iron in them. It can also cause the stools to be hard. Make sure to try to drink plenty of water and try if possible to get plenty of fiber and this will help. But if you are still concerned it never hurts to call the doctor as many times as needed. Better to be safe than sorry.

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