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8 weeks spotting after sex?
di070268 posted:
I just found out a few days ago I'm 8 weeks pregnant. is it normal to spot after sex and have a little mild cramping?..the spotting was brownish..sorry if it's tmi but just a little worried that I shouldn't of had sex..
SophiasMommy08 responded:
Very common, I spotted a few times after having sex as well. Doctor just told me that everything is alittle more senitsitive down there she said if the bleeding was heavy to call but other than that it was ok to see alittle spotting afterwards! Brown is a good sign as well that means old blood not new!
di070268 responded:
thank you SophiasMommy08 for responding so quickly..I was a little worried, you eased my's just brownish nothing more...first pregnancy at 41yrs old is scary in the first place..I may have many more questions in the future lol
ashtft responded:
I'm glad I saw this post I was about to post the same question! :sillygrin:
JRod09 responded:
hi im also 8weeks. i just had that this morning, i had brownish spotting after sex. if this is normal, im glad, this is my first baby. so no need to worry? i was kinda worried for a second. but if its normal good to hear.
SophiasMommy08 responded:
Di070268 ask all the questions you may have, I relyed on the ladies on here a lot with my first pregnancy! I worried about everything as well but sure enough my little girl was born healthy as could be and is now 10 months old! The day you find out your pregnant the worrying begins and not something that will ever go away. My best advice to you though is ENJOY your pregnancy, it goes by so quickly! It really is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! Morning sickness and all! I loved being pregnant with Sophia but like I said I worried about everything the little cramp the pulling feeling, that stretch, the way I moved, what I ate but once you can get over that its so much fun! Congrats!
JRod09 responded:
hi can you tell me how long the spotting is suppose to last, this happened to me Sat morning, i still have a little spotting Sun morning. any ifo helps. thanks!
LadieKae responded:
I haven't had spotting after sex, but I have had the cramping :) and this post has eased my mind a bit. I find that I wont let anyone even lightly bump into my stomach. this is my first pregnancy. and it took me a total of 4 years to get pregnant. So... I find that I am an Extremely Nervous Prego Lady.. lol
chrystyne226 responded:
A lot of women spot after sex. It just means your cervix is more sensitive than usual since you're pregnant. Don't worry unless it gets heavy. As for the cramping, it's common even with a little bit of bleeding because bleeding causes cramps no matter what.

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