Too Much Pregnancy Weight Gain Hurts Child's Heart
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Heart Risk at Age 9 Linked to Mother's Pregnancy Weight Gain.

A study suggests that women who gained more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy had fatter children who were much more likely to develop heart disease risk factors by age nine.

Why It Matters: We recently reported on how gaining too much weight during pregnancy caused women to have overweight children, and this study takes it a step further.

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Starla_94 responded:
Honestly. I gained alot in my pg.. i was 140 when i got PG and delivered at 220...

My son is so darn skinny he looks like he doesn't eat! when he eats everything in the house.. Perhaps some of the overweight kids are being taught bad habbits. If mom and dad eat bad high saturated fat and tri fats and such.. of course they will gain more weight.. in this world of fast food and mcdonalds , jack in the box and al lthe rest of them.. more kids are eating junk then healthly!!! My kid might eat alot but hes learning good habbits from mom and dad.. eats veggies, loves Fruit and Yogurt.. hes not alowd to drink sodas, juices and things full of sugar.. he doesn't like cookies and cake and such.. eats whole wheat and grains loves rasin bran shredded wheat and non Sugar junk cereals!

Iperhaps they need to go back and study these families sto see what they eat during their PG and how the family eats afterwards!!!
ssb2007 replied to Starla_94's response:
I agree 100% with starla_94. I'm overweight but with a 14month old, I am actually eating better myself, because I don't want to feed her junk all the time.
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MNMommy3 replied to Starla_94's response:
I agree 100% with you Starla! I gained 67 pounds with my first son and up until a couple years ago he was so skinny you could see his ribs! He's going on 12 years old now and he's finally filling out nicely (but is NOT fat by any means). I also do not allow pop, chips, or candy in the house. I buy lots of fruits and veggies and try to keep each meal well balanced. My son also eats constantly!! I swear I don't know where he's packing it all away. A lot of the overweight kids in this world are that way because they aren't being taught good eating habits. With my second pregnancy, I think I only gained about 22 pounds. Of course I don't want to, and will not, gain anywhere near 67 pounds this time around! Good eating habits are learned. If you only purchase healthy foods, the kids only have a choice of healthy foods... pretty simple huh?
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redmom23 responded:
Why do they bother publishing these incomplete studies? Do they just want to incite panic? I think most people have enough common sence to realise that a woman who eating unhealthy is likely going to feed her children unhealthy food. How can they do this study without accounting for family eating habits? This is just bad and irresponsible research.
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Starla_94 replied to redmom23's response:
i second that Redmom...

Overweight cause of bad eating we already knew was linked to heart disease! LOL
MRSKuhns replied to Starla_94's response:
Amen sista!
Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to redmom23's response:
I think it's a conspiracy made up by men that still don't understand that women NEED to gain weight while pregnant. I was heavy pre-pregnancy for all 4 children and with my 2nd baby I gained over 65 lbs. Was he fat? Well, none of my kids were "small", all coming in at over 8 1/2 lbs...but none were fat either. Just big healthy babies.

I will never forget this one doctor I had while pregnant with my 3rd. We had just moved back to CA & my insurance recommended this doc. From the first appointment he started telling me I could not gain any weight at all, and should actually work on losing weight.

I gained 6 lbs one month and he freaked out. While I was laying there with legs in stirrups and he performed a pelvic exam he proceeded to scold me and asked me if I "spend a lot of time in front of the refrigerator"!! I was so humiliated all I could do was cry. I never went back to him.

Glad this article stirred up some conversation! :)
dino44 replied to Andie_WebMD_Staff's response:
What a jerk, Andie! I think I would have had a hard time not kicking the guy in the face while he was down there at my feet!

My doctor with DD was fantastic, and I will forever appreciate that. I gained about 45 pounds. I was about average weight going in, so that was over the recommended amount. He never once said a word about it. DD is a skinny kiddo, and has been from birth. She eats bites of ice cream or some peanut butter crackers every now and then, but we keep it within reason.

I totally don't see how weight gain during pregnancy can have anything to do with the child's weight as they get older. It seems obvious that over weight kids are likely eating too much junk and not getting out and playing more.

I also don't think how a woman eats when she's pregnant is an accurate portrayal of her usual eating habits. I am eating mostly carbs right now. Fruits and veggies made me horribly sick for several weeks, and the smell of meat makes me want to die. That is not how I ate pre-pregnancy, but at this point, I'll take what I can get foodwise. With DD, I ate banana splits and coconut cream pie shakes all the time. Not how I would normally eat, but I was sick through most of my pregnancy, and those foods went down without any trouble. Ok... I've rambled enough. I just had to throw my 2 cents worth out there!
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