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Positive home pregnancy test
applause posted:
I just took a home pregnancy test and it was positive!!! My last period was July 4, I believe the conception date is July 24. I have super long cycles, like anywhere between 35 and 42 days. I went for my yearly on July 23 and they did a thyroid screening. The results were 5.6. My doctor ordered another blood test for a month later. Should I call the doctor and tell him about my positive home test? I am a little worried due to what I have read about thyroid problems and pregnancy. When would I normally call and schedule my first appointment. I just don't want to be the pain in the ass pregnant lady and call too soon.
This is my first and I have no idea of what to expect.
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KLS0228 responded:
I would definately call your doc tomorrow and let them know. My SIL has a thyroid problem and they found hers while she was pregnant actually. THey may want to monitor you closer. Congrats!!!!
yogijan responded:
you should def tell the doc. my doc told me that thyroids are naturally underactive in the first tri so it may effect your screening.
me(31)df(26)ds(6)dd(10) new LO edd 3-18-11 yellow team
joellelewis responded:
Congrats! I called for my first appt two days after I got my pos pg test, but still didn't go in for another 5w. They will probably want to know ASAP with your thyroid problem.
Me (26) DH (30) PG FINALLY after 19months of trying!!! EDD 2-24-2011. C'mon PINK TEAM!!!
ewswmom responded:
Congrats. My last period was July 6th, so I am due around the same as you. Don't be shy to schedule the first appointment. I took the test 2 days and 3 days after my period and called the very next day. They are used to working with nervous new moms.

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