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stretch marks?
britc23 posted:
okay i dont have a tip im looking for a tip on how to not get stretch marks well how to TRY and prevent them from happening lol, all i know is drink lots and lots of water cause hydrated skin stretches better than dehydrated, but any tips would be greatly appreciated :)
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jlc78 responded:
It's all genetic. If you're gonna get them, your gonna get them.
Me(32) DH(33) and our babes DS(3) DD(2) and Baby 3 due 8/4 ... yellow team!
kimberly1829 responded:
My doc indicated before that basically, it has alot to do with genetics, but for me I have REALLY dry skin and live in a very dry climate, so a very thick body butter without many chemicals or ingredients will help my skin not crack and cause additional scaring.

Unfortunately, its just one of those things that comes with pregnancy!
Powermad responded:
Hi, its not genetic at all, I mean, if you don't hydrate ur skin, you are bound to get them. Here in Argentina we have a bodylotion called DERMAGLOS. It's a very thick, no perfume, greasy lotion, full of vitamins, you just wear it everyday and NO STRETCHMARKS! Choose a good bodylotion.
BDlady35 responded:
My beautician said that the best thing to use to avoid stretch marks is the combination of "Cocoa butter" & "Vitamin E oil". As soon as you can start using this on your skin, better off you are. She had no stretch marks because she used this combination everyday. I am planning to do the same.
Good luck!
loyal1982 responded:
Strechmarks are also caused by gaining too much weight too fast. So eat healthy so the pounds don't come on too quickly.
crystalr159 responded:
I have heard its genetic to get stretch marks. My aunt when she was pregnant with both of hers use cocoa butter and vitaim e oil twice a day every day and she doesnt have one mark on her body. I started doing the same thing last night. Im hoping for the same as her.
Crystal(24) Vince(22) BFP 7/31/11
KBratt responded:
It is genetics...with DD I lost 17lbs through out my pregnancy, I drank TONS of water & used Palmer's Stretch Mark cream twice a day EVERYDAY, & I still got them...

So I was not dehydrated, did not have dry skin & definitely did not gain weight rapidly but still got them.
loyal1982 replied to KBratt's response:
I agree. I've been using cocoa butter all this time and now I've noticed some strech marks on my boobs.

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