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scaredmom2b posted:
Hey guys I just found out that I am pregnant!! which is great news!

But my last regular period was Feb 9-12 ish a little bit till the 13th.
I then had sex on the 14th, but was safe. On the 18th I don't remember what happened because I was unfortunately black out drunk and I think that my boyfriend of the time and I had sex, but we can't remember. I am now with a new guy and we had sex on the 26th and the condom broke. I have been reading a lot a lot of facts online but I can't seem to pin point when i conceived this baby... If anybody has any information on who the dad might be... please help me. I went to the doctor and they said my due date is Nov 18th. I am pretty positive that i conceived on the 26th but I am just so worried about maybe doing something on the 18th.
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palvarad responded:
Oooh, toughie. The way you can tell is if you count back to the first day of your period and try to calculate when you ovulated. I think if you search online (or hey, even here on webmd) you can find an ovulation calendar (here is the link to the one on webmd ) or better still the ovulation calculator ( ) and from there you can see what days you were most fertile. It's usually a small window of time. OR you can try and cheat a little and open up the pregnancy calendar ( ) and use that to calculate backwards.

I hope this was semi-useful! And I hope the father is who you want it to be! GL!!
palvarad responded:
Also, check out the Pregnancy tab under the Pregnancy & Parenting drop down menu on the top of the WebMd page, it has a TON of good info (from where I got those links for you) and it might help you out.
scaredmom2b replied to palvarad's response:
Thanks so much I did count back and when I checked it online it said my most fertile days were from the 22nd - 27th. Is it likely to get pregnant before your fertile or before the egg was even released?
palvarad replied to scaredmom2b's response:
To be honest? I'm not sure. That's an excellent question for your ob/gyn when you schedule your first appointment with them. I would suggest write down a list of important questions and take it with you.

Hopefully that helps!
everyothernamewastaken replied to scaredmom2b's response:
No it isn't likely. Its kinda you're either fertile or not. In actuality its only like 2 days in a 28 day period you can get pregnant. And if the egg isn't released then its still in the ovaries. If that were the case you'd be having whole lotta babies since the ovaries hold all your eggs. But there is no way to really know what certain time of the month you ovulate unless you really know your body (it happens but i know i sure as hell can't tell). So even though it says your most fertile days were between 22nd and 27th its not guaranteed (just likely). Anytime you're off your period theres a chance you're ovulating. You can do paternity tests or just when the baby is born you'll probably be able to tell.

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