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An_246938 posted:
[TRIGGER] I know this is a bit old but I found it while searching related information.

I'm not one to shout wolf but women do need to understand that its more likely to have a miscarriage from conception to about 10 weeks than almost any other time during the pregnancy. (For normal, non high risk pregnancies that is). Although I do believe a doctor should be visited before any panicking occurs. Don't panic. Many women also bleed, sometimes profusely, and still deliver healthy babys.

Just keep an eye out for clots, dark bits of bloody tissue like gunk. (Sorry if thats a bit insensitive) If its on and off spotting its probably nothing to worry about, if it doesn't stop within a few weeks, see a doctor. My own spotted for two weeks before I started finding clots, oh and don't wear a tampon if you can help it. (It wont harm or keep the baby safe either way but they get mighty uncomfortable if you ARE having a miscarriage.)

I'm not trying to scare anyone into thinking they are having a miscarriage but the possibility is always there and I think women, especially those without medical care or have chosen to go through the pregnancy without medical supervision should be prepared that there is a possibility.

I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant I would miscarry, my partner and I arent.. compatible for making a baby, (Negative Rh factors and more) Because I knew and because I was prepared for it, its been easier to accept and move on with my life instead of clinging to the shadows of what could have been. I'm not downing on anyone who gets taken by surprise, very few of us arent shocked by a miscarriage, but its best to know as soon as possible.

The sad thing is, most miscarriages take at least a week (depending on the age of the fetus) to pass, mine took about three weeks, it was painful like your worst period or it can be fairly painless (depending on fetus age) but if you keep calm, stay relaxed, and take care of yourself you'll be fine. I won't say it doesn't hurt, physically or emotionally, but its something we can get through with the support and love of our dear ones still with us.

I hope this helps anyone in need of advice.
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