Announcing Your Pregnancy-to the Daddy
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Share your tips for announcing your pregnancy to the daddy-to-be.

1st one and 2nd one he was there for the BFP-well the first one it was the "Is it a" followed by a doctor's appoint 2 days later for the sinus infection I got at the same time where I had them test me. I called him and told him as soon as I could find a phone.

The third-I taped the test into an Anne Geddes card.
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JaxWest responded:
This is my first pregnancy and I have been trying to think of a cute way to tell him. I decided that I will have him come with me to my first ultrasound appointment (which is on my 25th birthday). I will go in by myself at first then have the nurse bring him in and show him our baby's heart beat. I'm super emotional so I hope I get the reaction I want, otherwise I might have a meltdown. This is a planned pregnancy we've been trying since the start of the new year.
Starla_94 responded:
for me wasn't my DH they were all accidents so i was scared to death..

however telling G-ma and Gpa what sex it was i had fun..

it was easter time when we found out so i had one pink and one blue egg in a gift bag. i gave each of them a bag with an egg..

the blue egg had ad pic of the "BOY" Ultrasound

took dad a sec to figure it out since he got the blue one LOL but mom got it. and they thought it was cute
chaquita1230 responded:
For our second i bought a shirt for my son that said I'm a big Brother. I had to have my hubby read it aloud a couple times before he got it. Then he looked at me and said "OMG your kidding". I said "nope", he said "but i am just getting used to this one." LOL. We had our first two close together so it was lil shocker to be preggo 3 mos after our first was born.
jadedstar responded:
well in a previous marriage the daddy was there for the BFP i was too nervous to go look at it LONG STORY

My fiance well I guess he figured something was up cuz i was moody as can be and well i was at work it was mothers day i tested and it was positive we had a negative the week before anyways long story short i just put the test in his hand while we were driving down the street to my moms...his reaction " I don't knowhow to read these darn things" "you trying to tell me something baby?" LMAO "no I wasnt trying, i did tell u something", it was funny and we both cracked up he was excited is excited still wondering how we gonna tell my DD his DS about new baby time will tell
jen93727 responded:
This pregnancy I woke up early the day after my missed period (around 5am on a Sat, couldnt sleep) and took the test. It was a digital test so it said PREGNANT and I took a picture of it with my cell. DH had to be at work at 10 that day and his office is attached to our apt (he's a property mgr) and I sent him a txt with the pic and sat there in his office just chatting until he opened it. He said, "What is this?" lol, I said you don't know...he said no so I told him I'm pregnant. He was happy, he said I should have figured, it's March (both our kids were born in Dec, lol) I told him were early this time, this one's due in Nov, I already checked webmd, lol...
jessica5289 replied to jen93727's response:
With our 2nd I was so excited that I shoved the test in his face while he was showering. I didn't mean to put it in his face. That was just where he happened to be standing. It was funny.