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I need your tips...
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Now that you have had twelve or so days to get to know the new exchanges-let me know what else we can do to help make them better.

We darkened the font. We definitely know you want emoticons and signatures back. We know you want more discussions on a page and easier navigation.(What does that look like to you?) But-what else might help you really love exchanges?

Tell me in as much detail as you can what things still trip you up, what changes you want to see made. (Navigation changes? Which ones? Too much white space? Not enough? Better search?)

I really want and need your ideas. I am making a list and checking it twice-so we can work on getting rid of the naughty and make it nice.

I can't promise anything other than the fact that you will be heard. I want you to know YOU, each of you, is important to us.

If there is anything you don't know how to do yet and it isn't in the Exchange FAQ -let me know that too. I am here to help.
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roni090909 responded:
  • Get rid of the first couple lines on the first page. I only need to see the title. If I want to read the post I will click on it.
  • I prefer to see who the original poster was vs who the last post was made by. I would like this to be a default setting.
  • Get rid of all the white. It is very hard to read
  • Get rid of everything on the right side of the screen. It takes up too much space and isn't necessary
  • Get rid of anonymous posting. I know from other boards this can create way to much drama. We already have enough on some boards
  • If you can't get rid of the right side. Make the middle column bigger some how. Its is very small and gets lost in the clutter of the rest of the page.
Thanks for asking for our input.
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to roni090909's response:
Thanks Roni! Anyone else?
momtobegrunden responded:
I would also like to see the original author instead of the last person to reply. I also don't think the previews are necessary, but if they're going to be there, it should be the first few lines of the original post, not the latest reply.
kanmai replied to roni090909's response:
The pages look like Fully covered with contents/texts/images..So Having some Whitspaces..Makes easier to read..I hope it is one suggestion for Usability of the website.
mamatobe08 replied to roni090909's response:
I agree with EVERYTHING Roni said! There is way too much white space on both sides of the screen and it is very annoying to have such a small space of the text that we want to be looking at in the middle.

The right side stuff doesn't need to be there and it makes it too "busy".

The original poster would be great. Sometimes I don't realize I've read a post already because a reply is totally OT and I don't feel like reading it.

I think the background of the text used to be colored? It would make it easier to read if there was just a slightly darker color instead of a white background.

Down with anon! :)
Pamela11703 responded:
SIGNATURES! lol i miss them... I forget who is who....

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