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    Cysts on fetus kidney
    smazur posted:
    Please help!!!!! Has anyone had an ultrasound where they discovered cysts on the babie's kidney. What type of testing was done? What were the results? Our baby has cysts on one kidney discovered during 22 week ultrasound. Any comments would be appreciated.
    marathonmel responded:
    What did the doctor say? Many, I would almost go so far as to say most, babies will have a cyst of some kind show up on that early ultrasound. The impression I got from my doctor was that many doctors don't even mention them to the parents. The ultrasounds are so much better today than they used to's just couldn't see them before. My little girl had a cyst on her brain in the first one, the doctor said, don't worry, 99% of them go away on their own. Sure enough, by my second u/s, gone. My girlfriend's little boy had a cyst on his heart...gone...nothing to worry about.

    Hope that helps to ease your mind a bit.
    smazur responded:
    Thank you for replying. Yes, we know of a few cases of cysts found in ultasound that have resolved. The doctor said there are 5 cysts on the right kidney and 1 on the left kidney. They are going for genetic testing and amnio. They called it polycystic kidneys. We are hoping and praying that these are just simple renal cysts, that may resolve during pregnancy, and not the recessive gentic form. We are looking for people who's fetuses may have had the cysts on the kidneys and what the outcome was.

    Thanks again, Still Worried Grandma!!
    TysonC responded:
    Worried Grandma,

    My wife and I just returned from our perintologists appointment to be told we too had cysts on the kidney of our baby (Also found at 22 weeks). I was hoping you could tell me what happened to your grandchild? Thanks.

    Worried first time Dad...
    nativema responded:

    I just had my 20 wk u/s and they found about 5 cysts on his kidney. Now I have to do another u/s and there referring me to a high risk OB. Im not sure what is next, if you can give some insight on what happend with your baby. Please let me know.

    Thanks first time mother
    bibi1234 replied to nativema's response:
    I just had my 22wk ultrasound and they found 3 cysts in my baby boys left kidney. I will have to go back in 4wks to see if anything has changed. I would like to know what happen to the baby. How the baby is doing today. Please if someone has any information for me I am very scared and about to loss my mind.
    LouanneStephen replied to bibi1234's response:
    My daugher just had her 22 week ultrasound and the doctor told her that a 1.2cm cyst was identified on her baby boys kidney as an incidental finding. She will go back for a 28 week ultrasound in 6 weeks. Her OB said that these fetal cysts usually resolve themselves during the pregnancy. Her quad testing was all normal. That's all I know. Do you have any further information?
    Nekul1 responded:
    Hi, i wanted to know how your baby turned out after 2 years. We are pregnant with twins and one has 3 cysts on the left liver. Everything else is great, the amniotic fluid is good and my wife is at 25 weeks. What can we expect will happen with the baby before/after she is born? Was your baby operated on after birth? is he/she completely healthy now?


    worried future parent
    Azul123 responded:
    I am going through the same situation at 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is a bit scary and would love to hear how the health of your baby evolved afterwards.
    AliciaPieper responded:
    They found a cyst on my sons kidneys when I went in for my 18 week checkup. She decided to do an ultrasound every four weeks to check, and the last checkup I had it was still there . I pray every night it goes away. She said we may have to call in a specialist to look at ultrasounds and discuss options. Please let me know if you find any extra info out.
    caseycapehart replied to AliciaPieper's response:
    I no what your goin throw on Feb 2 ,2012 we got the news that our third child had cyst on her right kidney the wrost news I ever got and we did ultrasound every 4 weeks and my told me that she would have other genic things wrong with her and they told me i could have the amic test done to see if she was going to have a learning problem and we decided not to do that ,that we would love her no matter what. well on April 3 i went it to my weekly check up with the specailtys, I was 37 weeks pregant I prayed every night that my baby would be ok. and the dr. came in and told me that I need to have my baby today from the ultrasound it showed that her cyst on her kidney was growing. Me and my family were so scared we didnt no what to expect , the next morning we had our baby girl and the icu came in and checked her out and they told us that she has Multicystic Kidney and she was tatolly normal for what she has and just last week we went to have a xray on her kidneys and her bladder and the good news is has one kidney working and it should take up for her bad one, and her body will deslove it. we are so blessed and if her bad kidney was waorking than it would of had to be takin out I hope my story will help you it was to hard for me cause I had no one to talk to that went trow this I had bad anxity that we were going to lose her and we just keep praying and praying and never gave up. So keep strong and ray that god will heal your baby.
    charb01 replied to caseycapehart's response:
    How big were the cyst on the kidney? I am pregnant and have been dealing with this issue since I was 20 weeks. I am now 33 weeks and they say the cyst is now 9cm in diameter. I am not sure what to do or thing at this point. Also they say he is about 6lbs. 12 oz. at this point. Did you baby weigh more due to the cyst?
    Tamar2012 replied to charb01's response:
    At my 20 week ultrasound I was told that one of my babies kidneys may not be working at all and the other may be cystic, but my amnio fluids are perfect therefore it is believed that the baby is producing urine, I am going for a 3d ulrasound in 2 weeks, and praying every night that everything will be ok, is there anyone that can give me hope on this? Is there anyone that knows anything about this??
    caseycapehart replied to charb01's response:
    The cyst on her kidneys were 3.5 cm and their were several their. All i can say is keep praying we were scared to but when she was born she was prefect and that was the only problem, awhen she was 3 months we went in for a x ray and they put this dye in her to see if they kidneys were working and they good kidney was prefect and the baby one was not working which is good case her body will deslove it and the good kidney will double in size. If the baby kidney had blood flowing to it then it would have to be taking out cause it will cause her to have high blood pressaure.
    oldermom replied to caseycapehart's response:
    I hope this will give you all hope. I am the mother of a 24 YEAR OLD strong, healthy youg man who was also diagnosed in utero with cystic kidneys. He has no health problems at all and played sports since he was very little through college. He was followed by a urologist until he was 2 years old when we were told that his kidney either disintegrated or shriveled up(i don't remember) butthat the kidney was no longer functional. Having one working kidney would do the work of both. The only things he was advised not to do was play football, ride motorcycles or handglide. He seems to do fine without any of those things. I wish the same health for your children. Neither of my other 2 children had any issues. I know it is scarry but no one would ever know my son has only one working kidney - living a perfectly normal life.

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