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anyone else have antibody in blood
brook2328 posted:
well doctor called today and said that i have an antibody in blood not an RH antibody because i have A+ blood but one that could cross the placenta and harm the baby. if it crosses over it could cause severe enemia in the baby. I just want to cry i thought this pregnancy was going to go great but know im really worried. I have to go see a perinatologist throughtout this whole pregnancy. really i need help with knowing what is going on. if any one could help it would be wonderful.
j9ween responded:
is he talking about NAIT - neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia?

I have a negative platelet that causes harm to my babies. Their body kills off their platelets which means they can't clot blood.
Sharon5721 responded:
Which antibody do you have?

It could be no big deal, but then again it could be a deal. My history it has been a big deal with baby #2 but with baby #3 & #4 it was no deal at all.

Your partner, I gather the same one both times? He has positive something and you didn't have it so after you had baby #1 you developed the anitbodies. Same as with RH- but they don't have shots they can give the other blood disorders. They don't even test with baby #1 to see if with a future child if you might have trouble since it is so rare to develop antibodies.

In the second trimester if you are going to have issues your titer will start to grow. Once they know you have anitbodies they will do a titer test. As long as it is one or less you are fine, it's once it goes past one to a two that you have issues. If it spilts and goes to a two then it will split again, and again. The doctors told me if mine split one more time with #2 that we would have a complete blood transfusion at birth, luckly we didn't have to do that. With #3 & so far with #4 it's never gone pass a one. They give me weekly ultrasounds to check that the baby isn't anemic.

Don't worry as there is nothing that you can do to prevent this as long as you are with the same partner. If you switch partners you wouldn't have the problem the doctors told me. Nine times out of ten or more there is no problem. Wait for the results of the titter and pray they never go pass one.

reneemcdonald responded:
hey janine! you beat me to this answer. lol.

sounds like they're talking about nait to me. if so, talk to either of us and we can help you. i am going through it right now. i'm 24 wks into a nait pg. its not fun, but if it is nait, treatment is an absolute necessity.
staceylm22 responded:
I am going through the same thing. I'm still waiting on answers, have you been able to find out any more details?
Sharon5721 responded:
Stacey, What details or answers do you need? Having an antibody is usually just something extra to watch. Sharon
staceylm22 responded:
Well they told me I have a warm auto antibody, but they said it's rare and haven't told me much else. I do have to see a specialist for the pregnancy now.
P_Crawford responded:
I am 13 weeks pregnant now and I was told that I have this Warm Antibody in my blood. The specialist stated that it could be 1 in 40 different things but had asked if I had ever been diagnosed with lupus before. This is very nerve racking to me.
penelope1975 responded:
I have antibody M in my blood. During my first pregnancy they told me all the same things your doctor has told you. There is very little that I found out there about the problem, but I can tell you my son is a very healthy 2 yr old. We had to see a Maternal-Fetal doctor every month. I also had an ultrasound every month and had to go for blood work every month (for a titer count). Along with the antibody m I was high risk because of chronic high blood pressure. The doctors were more concerned about the high BP, then the antibody. One of the maternal- fetal doctor told me that it is very rare that the blood will crossover to the placenta. One thing that was nice was every month we got to see the baby and how he was growing, but all the extra appt. got old so did the extra blood work. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby, I'm due 12/19. I will have to see Maternal-Fetal again during this pregnancy. I did forget to mention once they found out I had the antibody they tested my husband for the antigen. It was all very confusing to understand, no one could really explain it well. Good luck, I hope it helps knowing your not alone. When I found out no one (family/ friends) I talked had ever heard of it. The best way to explain it is , it's like the RH factor but not exactly and leave it at that. Good Luck - Angi (33), Doug (30), Ethan (2) born 3/8/07
DantesMommysExpecting replied to penelope1975's response:
have antibody's A B C an D in my blood But i Am Rh- and this is my second baby my Dr is thinking of inducing me to prevent any harm to me or the baby but he said it would be at about 32 weeks or so i am not abelt to get the shot to help sinc my body has alredy mad the antibody's i Dont know what to think im just so concerned i and only 23 weeks n 3days has this happend to any one else?
An_217300 replied to DantesMommysExpecting's response:
My mom is A- and with the - RH factor your body will build up antibodies to other types. She had to have a series of shots with me so her blood wouldn't attack my blood. You need the shots with every pregnancy.
aunnie responded:
I have Anti M also i just came from the doctors and i am now a 1/8 so i gotta wait until i go to the fetal medicine on the 7th. last visit to the fetal medicine i was told that once i reached 1/8 we would have to discuss somethings further i have been so confused this pregnancy about this antibody.

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