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B Negative Blood Type
An_217348 posted:
Someone told me if you have B- blood, and being pregnant, that can cause problems so much so, that the baby has to be taken. This person is only about 2 months along and I am having a very hard time believing this.
Is this true?
Please help...
phoenix31674 responded:
If you have Rh negative blood type, the mother will be given shots to ensure her antibodies don't harm the baby, but I know of no reason why they would have to take the healthy baby early. I'm Rh positive, so it's not something i have experience with, but there are Rh negative mothers out there who can talk to the shots. as far as i know the actual letter type is meaningless unless a transfusion is needed.
gamergirl001 responded:
I am Rh- and have had 4 sucessful births and am pregnant with my 5th. If you get the rhogam injections you will be fine
Wife_Be_Devoted responded:
I am a week short of 2 months along and I am Rh- as well. I am AB- blood type and they just told me that I'll have a shot like my 20th or 28th week of pregnancy. Just discuss it with your OB and don't get real worked up about it. It'll be okie dokie!
kmskmb responded:
yes this is true i was told that on my 11 week visit..the baby hv to be taken at abt 7 mnths

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