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Mood and Sleep Disorder & Pregnancy
SheVeks posted:
I am 30 years old and I am BiPolar and Narcoleptic. I am currently on mood stabilizers, and anti-narcoleptic medication. I have been stable on these medications for over 5 years. My husband and I are planning a pregnancy (with the close help of my doctors). However, my doctors do not seem to have much experience with this situation. I only know that none of the medications I am on have been approved for pregnancy.

For the past several weeks, I have been weaning myself off of Adderal (used to help me stay awake) and caffine. It is going pretty well. I am still dependant on my Nuvigl (anti-narcoleptic med) and have not stopped taking my mood stabilizers (Abilify and Lamictal). After an appointment with my Psych doc in the end of June, I hope to start weaning off the rest of my meds and start Prozac.

I am so excited to try and have a baby, but I am terrified. My husband does not seem to appreciate the potential problems that could arise due to being off my meds. I do have all of the support in the world from him, family, and friends. We have planned for me to keep going to work, but I will not be able to drive (from the daytime sleepiness that occurs). My BiPolar disorder has been a severe problem in the past, but mostly when I was younger.

Any advice or words of wisdom?
babybunnnnny responded:
I just found out I am PG and was taken off all medication immediately. The withdraw is absolutely horrible. Its worth it all because of my little baby. Hang in there take it one day at a time. each day is trying for me - there are days when Bi-polar want to creep out. I have to just focus and get through the day.
phoenix31674 responded:
you need to find a high risk OB who is familiar with mood medications. i know switching docs is tough, but it's really best to find someone with experience to find the right balance of care for you and the baby. They may be able to find one that is relatively safe during pregnancy. While research changes all the time, current research says that keeping the mother healthy during pregnancy - which can mean medication - is more important that having her 'clean'. It's also a good time to look into talk therapy to help you find non-medication coping skills until you can start your meds again.

babybunnnnny, I can't believe they made you go cold turkey. That sort of shock to your system could cause more harm than good. i mean if it was something like cholesterol meds, going cold turkey on those is no big deal, but mood stabilizers are another story.

Best of luck to you both.
snh571 replied to phoenix31674's response:
My OB made me go off of my meds cold turkey too. It was horrable I stayed in bed for 7 weeks and was ready to jump in front of a train. My MFM put me on zoloft and I have been much better ever since.

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