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need help
gregheadings posted:
my wife is 40 weeks pregant the doctor is not listing to us and is talking about a c-section and telling my wife that she is not dailat? should we look for another doctor
phoenix31674 responded:
if your wife is not at all dialated, it is unlikely that inducing labor would be successful. many induced labors do end in c-section, so the doc may be suggesting this to save your wife and baby the stress of unproductive labor. induced labor is far more intense than natural because the hormone levels do not gradually increase, pitocin is pretty brutal.

There are some dangers to the baby in going too far post term. For DD were going to let me go to 42 weeks, but at that point there was very little amniotic fluid and the placenta was pretty degraded. She's fine now, but we had a traumatic birth (emergency c-section because her heart rate was dipping into the 40s and she was a bit blue when born). i went into labor on my own the day before the scheduled induction, so if they had said 41 weeks (which is the policy where i have birth to DS who came on his due date so it wasn't an issue), I likely would have ended up with a c-section anyway because my body was not ready to go into labor.

She can tell the doc she would like to be induced first to see if her body does go into productive labor, but you should be prepared for a c-section if she's induced.

The odds of finding another doctor for a second opinion at 40 weeks are pretty low unless this is a multi-doctor practice. also, ask the doctor why the push for the c-section. There may be more information on the recommendation.

Remember, the most important thing is a healthy mom and baby. In the end it doesn't matter how the baby was born if that's the outcome.

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