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just found out i m high risk again!
highriskagain posted:
my doctor told me today i m high risk.this is my 4 th pregnancy n i have only 1 living child. she told me to check out here n get advise on what to do n not to to hopefully make this pregnancy go full term. i already changed to eating healthy when i decided to get pregnant again but r there foods i should b avoiding? is there excersises i should or should not b doing? i m trying my best to stay healthy n could use any tips.
phoenix31674 responded:
Well, if you check under the pregnancy section here, they have pretty much all the dos and don'ts outlined. as for exercising, if you've been exercising, you can stay at that same level unless your body tells you otherwise. If you haven't, start with something like walking, swimming or pilates/yoga for pregnancy.

any other health tips should come from your doctor who knows why you are high risk. If your doc isn't willing to talk to you about what you need to do to make your pregnancy a success, I highly suggest you seek out a new OB, preferably one specializing in high risk pregnancies. I would not be confident of any doctor telling me to get my medical advice from a website. Being a proactive patient and looking up advice to discuss with your doctor during your appointment is different.

If you know why you are high risk, you should post that here and perhaps you can find others who have had the same condition and can offer more specific advice.

Good luck to you.
candy352 responded:
This website does have a lot of info on what to do and what not to do. So definitely check it out. Are you high risk due to the miscarriages? I do agree with PP to definitely switch to a doctor specializing in high risk. I'm high risk due to diabetes and my primary actually forced me to go see a specialized doctor. I know being high risk is extremely nerve-wrecking. How far along are you? Were you exercising before the pregnancy?

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