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ttc with didelphic uterus
2uterus posted:
hi i'm 30 yr old and we have decided to try for our first. i have didelphic uterus so 2 uterus, 2 cervix and a complete septum through vagina.I am lucky that both uterus are same size so can caryy in either side. i have recently moved to st. petersburg fl from las vegas and need to find a doctor out here now and would love to have one with experience with this condition. If any of you out there can make some recommedations id appreciate it, also any support with ttc would be great. we've been leaving it to chance i guess for the past year and nothing so now are actively going to try and track ovulation etc. my periods are irregular so its definitly a challenge. my doctor in vegas was amazing and going to be hard to replace. she was confident i could get pregnant and carry to almost full term. Still i am a high risk and most likely will have some miscarriages along the way, any websites that talk about this condition would help too, there is not much info i can find about it
AnnabellesMomma81 responded:
Well, I don't live in St. Petersburg, but I do have some advice on how to go about finding a Doctor who will take you on as a patient. My advice is to get your local phone book out and look through the OB/GYN's and when someone answers explain that you are new to town and are looking for a Doctor. Also mention that you are trying to conceive and that when you do that your pregnancy will be a high risk one. If they ask for anymore information tell them every thing you can and don't leave a thing out. I did that myself back in May. I had found out I was pregnant after I knew for months that I was and so I had to look for a Doctor who would take me who might also take Medicaid. I didn't find one, but found a good clinic to go to. I thought my pregnancy would be high risk cause I have a bi-coordinate uterus, but this pregnancy hasn't been high risk to date. Anyways, that's my advice for you. I hope it helps you.
1stGrace responded:
just joined this site. I am pregnant for the first time and I have didelphic uterus. I hope by now you have been able to find a great doctor. I have not really found others with this condition and I just wanted to say good luck. Pregnancy can happen. I am just past 7 weeks so it is still very early. I am considered high risk and I am being sent to a perinatologist to help monitor this pregnancy.It is important to have a doctor that supports you. i did not and i put off TTC because of this.

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